Reducing order fulfillment and inventory replenishment time in warehouses is imperative for businesses today to gain a competitive advantage. The GreyOrange Butler is an advanced robotic goods-to-person technology for automated inventory storage (putaway) and replenishment, picking and combining orders in fulfillment and distribution centres. The system seamlessly adapts to changing inventory profiles, demand patterns and peaks. Modular system architecture ensures bi-directional scalability to increase storage volume or fulfillment throughput independently, by adding more storage racks or robots, as needed.


Artificial Intelligence

Adapts intelligently in real-time to changing inventory profiles and order fulfillment patterns; ensures highly optimized throughput and storage utilization.

World-Class Safety and Reliability

Designed for conformance with safety and reliability standards and certification (e.g. CE, ANSI B56.5 and JIS D6802).

Transaction-Level Policy Control

Supports business requirements and order fulfillment policies: pick-by-time/after-time or pick-by-FIFO, expiry or manufacturing date.

Intelligent Charging

Maximizes robot availability through automatic opportunity charging. While a full charge ensures 8 hours of operation, a quick charge of 5 minutes ensures upto 5 hours of continuous operations.

Flexible Process Workflows

Adapts to operations process flows across a variety of industries.

Information Security

Encrypts data communication between the Butler system and customer's enterprise systems, ensuring safety of sensitive customer data.

Designed for Multiple Markets

Supports user interface in Japanese and Chinese languages, apart from English.

Low Energy Consumption

Energy neutral system with low carbon emission, as it can operate without air conditioning and lighting.



Enables faster and error-free order fulfillment, while minimizing product returns and refund.

Bi-Directional Growth

Supports on-demand increase in fulfillment throughput or storage independently, by increasing Butler robots or storage racks.


Allows order fulfillment comprising a wide-range of SKUs, responding to variable demand, peaks and managing various packaging types.

Real-Time Inventory Audits

Supports SKU-level and location-level inventory audits and reconciliation without halting operations, significantly reducing inventory losses, damages, and misplacements.

No Downtime

Designed with built-in redundancy to mitigate single points of failure. Ensures continuous order fulfillment, even if some components undergo maintenance.

Seamless Integration

Supports REST-APIs for seamless integration with popular or proprietary warehouse management systems.