We collaborate closely with our customers to optimise their supply chain and enhance efficiency of the processes in their warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers. The advanced robotic systems are built by GreyOrange on international standards, while our software is intricately built to seamlessly integrate with any warehouse management system you use. We have several different reporting dashboards to make your life easier. Whatever you choose, you will be offered real-time data and analytics to see just how efficient your warehouse is.

On-demand 24x7 global support
SLA-defined commitment
AMC available at different levels
Both preventive and breakdown visits included
Periodic software updates
Consultation and training


GreyOrange ensures that our army of engineers watches your system live, all the time. Our maintenance support is unmatched in the industry. Onsite support for maintenance and repair improves system performance and reliability, ensuring zero downtime and significant cost savings.

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