Bi-directionally scalable material handling system for goods-to-man

We designed our automated storage and goods-to-man order picking system to reduce the time it takes to get orders to homes and inventory to stores, with the flexibility to increase system storage or order fulfilment throughput - on-demand, as-needed.

The Butler system takes care of the complexities of forward and reverse logistics at your fulfilment centre as your business grows. Need more storage? Configure and add Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) to your Butler-powered warehouse. Order-to-ship times increasing? Pop additional butlers into your warehouse. Need greater order fulfilment throughput? Add Pick Stations at will.

Talk to us today to learn why our Butler system is your answer to shortening the order processing window in this new fulfilment paradigm of high-mix, small quantity order profiles.

Product Features

No walking

Stand still and focus on order picking and inventory putting at dedicated or dual-use Pick/Put stations, while our butlers do the running around the warehouse for you.

Real-time picking

Move beyond batch and wave picking and reduce order lead times. The Butler optimises your warehouse so you can focus on growing your business.

On­-the­-fly ABC analysis

The Butler digests past and current order data and dynamically reslots storage racks such that fast-moving SKUs are nearer to the Pick stations.

On­ demand stock audits

Audit your stock as frequently as you or your clients want without impacting your warehouse operations.

Improved space utilisation

Our double-­sided storage racks permit multi-face picking and reduce aisle footprint by at least 50%.

Bi­-directional growth​­

Increase storage volume and fulfillment throughput independently, by adding more storage racks or butler robots on­-demand, as­-needed.

Investing in excess capacity will become a thing of the past.

Intelligent charging

Our butlers perform opportunity charging so your warehouse can operate as many shifts as you need it to.

System Components

The Butler system comprises of the following 5 components

Our industrial robots- the butlers meticulously carry storage racks (MSU) around the storage facility (warehouse), directly fetching items for the operator. The Butler enables automated storage and retrieval logistics solution that is highly applicable for e-commerce warehousing.
The mobile storage units provide shelving space for storage of goods and sufficient space as per the client’s needs. Larger storage needs can be addressed by adding in more units to the system.
The pick/put stations are areas where the human operators stage goods before inbound putting onto shelves or after outbound picking from shelves. This also includes user-friendly pick-put-to-light (PPTL) systems, which guide operators in their pick and put tasks.
The autocharger supplies electric power to the butler system. When the butlers are low on battery, automated recharging is triggered and they move to the auto-charging stations for self-operated charging.
The Butler Warehouse Control System can be integrated with client’s order fulfillment systems which helps transfer information from client's system to our server. Thus it helps provide seamless warehouse logistics operations to our clients.