The GreyOrange Cross-Belt Sorter (CBS) is a conveyor based sorting system well-suited for operations in areas with limited space or challenging layouts and with high number of end-destination sorts. It routes packages based on industry defined sortation logics such as destination, volume, weight or any other custom logic based on your business dynamics. The system is completely modular and scalable and comes in three standard sorting configurations of 12000, 15000 or 18000 packets per hour.


Sortation with Direct Bagging

Sorting a variety of payloads including cartons, cases, totes, parcels and even polybags of regular/irregular packets with minimum height of as less as 3mm.

Performance Management

The system supports tracking of process and operator efficiency, helps find operational loopholes, and proactively solves issues to improve system utilization.

Image Capturing

Automated image capturing and archiving aids auditing processes and enables pilferage control.

Information Security

Role-based access control and encrypted communication over secure HTTPS protocol between WMS and Sorter Management Software.

Remote Monitoring

Sorter operations, system health and productivity can be monitored locally or remotely through dashboards and visualization; get alert notifications in real-time for prompt actions.


Unmatched throughput

Created new industry benchmark of really high throughput of up to 18,000 orders per hour.

Dynamic configuration

The system is designed in such a way that it can easily manage seasonal demand surge.


Delivers 99.9% accuracy in sorting process, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction, saving a huge business cost in the process.


Sorts orders of any size and shape, including polybags.


Built-in software and hardware redundancy in the system ensures zero downtime.