Pick-Put-to-Light (PPTL) system is GreyOrange’s proprietary technology that improves operators productivity and boosts accuracy. The directed picking, putaway and sorting processes help operator minimize errors, speed up the cycle and improve order processing accuracy, while improving overall productivity. The modular architecture enables addition of more locations, SKU types or number of units dynamically, as the business grows.


Order picking

On the basis of the order pick list, the PPTL indicator glows directing the operator to pick the item from the exact location. Operator confirms the pick operation by acknowledging the PPTL. The process can be customised for unit picking, batch picking and even picking using pick carts/trolleys.

Order consolidation

PPTL help the warehouse operator to consolidate multiple orders simultaneously in smaller area with higher accuracy.

Inventory replenishment

PPTL directs the operator to put the scanned SKU to required storage area/locations in the warehouse, helping operators perform inventory replenishment in an optimized flow.

Last-mile secondary sorting

Enables sorting of packets till last mile sorting destination. As the operator scans the barcode on the packet, the light indicator glows directing the operator to put the packet associated with the right location.

Order returns processing

PPTL can be configured to handle returns enabling smoother optimized operations in the warehouse, thereby reducing the operating costs.


Production/requirement plan is uploaded, basis which kits are created. The light indicator and PPTLs in that location get activated in sequential order glows and communicates the number of items to be picked.



Increases the order picking efficiency manifolds.


Ensures avoidance of errors while continuously sorting thousands of packets.


Supports custom process flows, as per customers business needs.


Integrates with most popular or proprietary enterprise systems.


GreyOrange PPTL is a simple but robust system that is maintenance free and offers easy troubleshooting.


A highly reliable system, it ensures minimal downtime of your process.