GreyOrange Profiler is a high-speed dynamic packet profiling system designed to capture volumetric and dead weight, along with dimensions of packet in real-time. The technology can be leveraged across logistics, e-commerce, retailers, consumer packaged goods and automotive industries to automate dimensioning and weighing process, while achieving throughput of up to 3000 packets/hour.


Real-time capturing

Real-time capturing of volume data (length, breadth, height) and weight data (volumetric and gross weight), which can be pushed to the WMS/ERP system in real-time.

Processes packets

Processes regular and irregular shaped packets.

Image capturing and archiving

Image capturing and archiving with hi-definition camera.

Sorting separately

Capable of sorting cancelled and un-booked shipments separately.

Smaller footprint

Smaller footprint when compared with other similar solutions.

Scalable architecture

Scalable architecture that enables increase in throughput from 1500 items/hour to 3000 items/hour quickly, as your business grows.

Extendable to Linear Sorter

Extendable to GreyOrange Linear Sorter solution as your business requirements change.


Quality Check

The profiler helps in automating the QC process for the incoming inventory in warehouses / fulfillment centers. The data is directly recorded in the WMS / ERP system.

Higher Productivity

Automates dimensioning and weighing process in a warehouse, increasing throughput manifold with the same amount of resources.

Faster Processing

By automating the quality check process, the entire inventory management cycle in the warehouse can be shortened by at significantly.


The Profiler captures volumetric and dead weight of each order along with dimensions, helping in knowing exact shipping costs upfront.

Image Archiving

The system can keep record of every item that passes through the Profiler for as long as the business requires. This capability enables faster resolution of any disputes.

Low Cost of Ownership

With high quality standards and optimized cost, the Profiler offers multiple benefits to our customers and has proven to be a very high return on investment.