The retail conundrum

The retail industry finds itself in a strange situation; while sales have been going up and store traffic
returning to normal, the overall US economy is feeling the heat of rising inflation and labor
shortage. Retailers across the country are already preparing for an anticipated recession and
devising ways to minimize costs and find efficiencies through operations.

Now is the time to act

The cost of inaction is felt daily by businesses without an active plan to modernize their fulfillment functions. To stay relevant, companies must be able to meet the expectations of their customers, or risk having none.

  • Increase speed of deployment
    (in weeks, not in months or years)

  • Increase speed of fulfillment and ability to
    address high volume growth (with less labor)

  • Future-proof operations by adding
    agility and flexibility

  • Instant integration using OPEX budgets
    and scaling as business grows (~1 year)

Intelligent automation is
available, now

At its foundation, customer satisfaction means speed and simplicity. Only automation can meet both these challenges and future-proof systems to ensure consistent operations and place distribution as a strategic lever. However, managing the risks associated with large capital investments is a science by itself, especially when the investment will be out of date within 18 months.

Businesses need technology that is inherently built on agile principles and can deliver quick results early on and at every stage.

De-risk your first step into automation & invest at the level you need

Our Ranger Assist co-bot solution offers assisted picking to allow right picks and transfers across multiple locations and floors at the right time. Working with humans and fleets of robots, this solution increases productivity by 3X. Within a few weeks of deployment you can double your fulfillment rates without disrupting the limited space and labor

With RangerTM, you need:

  • No Fencing
  • No Barcoding
  • No Infrastructure Changes

RangerTM Assist solutions:




  • 2X-3X Picking efficiency driving high throughput
  • Double your fulfillment rate within few weeks of deployment
  • Low new operator training timeenables quick peak readiness
  • Brown-field set-up withPlug n play automation
  • Flexibility for cross utilization across sites/ brands, especially for 3PLs in Multi Client Sites
  • Flexibility of Peak Management, easy to add new robot



  • Online orders and click and collect orders can bepicked and consolidated from from front and back of store
  • Robots cantravel within different floors using existing lift infrastructure optimizing overall process flow
  • Low new operator training timeenables quick peak readiness
  • Supports Value added service (VAS) enablement, andtransfer to the locker for customer pick up
  • Hybrid Picking (Manual & Ranger Assist Picking at the same time for peak management)



  • Ranger Assist co-works with vertical picking solution in a MFC toenable back-to-front store replenishment
  • Ranger Assistintegrates with VRCsfor multi-level movement
  • Ranger Assist doesn’t require any infrastructural change at the front or back of store. It can work with humans and fleet of robots to automate replenishment.
  • Dynamic Path Optimization features enables optimum path travel
  • System trigger Replenishment

We build platform-based solutions that optimize your fulfillment workstreams across the distribution centre, maximizing efficiency continuously, in real time. This enables optimum performance right from distribution to customer experience.

True optimization can only be achieved with flexibility. Being able to access the best-in-breed technologies, when they become available is best achieved through a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform approach.

A multi-robot orchestration platform allows any robot to be plugged in and controlled centrally, even when off-site, which creates limitless technology choices and operational flexibility. When paired with RaaS (Robots as a Service) this means that state-of-the-art robots can be swapped in and out as demand dictates, at variable pricing, in weeks rather than months and configured through a central control panel. This means fulfillment nodes can be spun up using minimal investment (operational budget) in very quick time.


reasons to invest in the GreyOrange 04 Fulfilment Platform:


Multi-agent platform

Any technology as and when relevant (create choices)


SaaS subscription platform

Buy the right fit automation package and pay as you grow


Cloud delivery

Quick deployment with consistent, real-time, and unified experience


Pilot program

Try before you buy