Production Supervisor


The GreyOrange's Production team is responsible for building high quality automation products for our global customers by leveraging innovative manufacturing and production processes, thereby optimizing production costs and increasing product quality.


CE Resource Allocation and Utilization

  • Should be responsible for optimal utilization of available human resources to achieve production plan as per RTS commitment
  • Should be responsible for conducting daily sunrise/sunset all hands with all production operators/resources and align them on plan for the day and learnings imbibed from the previous day

Production Cost

  • Should be responsible to support Production Manager and Engineer in continuously monitoring and improving productivity and objectively reduce manpower
  • Should be responsible and accountable to objectively reduce consumption of consumable or Non-BOM items in overall production/assembly process
  • Should be responsible and accountable for reduction of in-process/line rejection of material from sub-assembly/main assembly lines
  • Should support Production Engineer in applying cost-effective and innovative methods aiming to continuously improve overall line efficiency (OLE) and reduce availability/efficiency/quality losses wherever identified or applicable

Production Efficiency

  • Should support Production Engineer and Manager in maintaining and continuously improving cycle time for each sub-assembly, thus reducing overall throughput time
  • Should be responsible and accountable to implement autonomous maintenance of plant equipment with support from Production Engineer
  • Should take ownership of reducing rework done at sub-assembly/assembly with support from Production Engineer

System/Process Compliance

  • Should be responsible to follow a pre-defined procedure/SOP for issuance of material from stores
  • Should be responsible to handover finished goods to logistics for dispatch as pre - defined procedure/SOP's as per RTS commitment
  • Should provide structured and functional feedback to Production Engineer(s) based on learnings while assembling/manufacturing

Implementation of Best Practices

  • Should support Production Engineer to develop and implement proven manufacturing and production process improvement methods and practices such as kaizen, quality circle, 5-S, continuous improvement projects and so on


  • Should ensure compliance of EHS standards as per set procedures and guidelines by all means and resources working at the assembly line
  • Should ensure requisite PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment) are available with resources depending on the task assigned at all times
  • Should be responsible to ensure no minor/major injuries/incidents occur at the assembly line
  • Should immediately escalate and requisite action is taken in case of any miss - happening as per pre-defined escalation metrics, and ensure corrective/preventive measures are taken to nullify hazards


  • Engineering Degree in EC/EE/ME with a minimum of 3-4 year's of experience in production supervisor role or related roles into Electro-Mechanical Products/Automotive/Industrial Automation products.

Currently, this job is not active. Please do keep visiting our careers page for relevant opportunities.

Good Luck!

Talent Acquisition Team

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