Systems Engineer/Senior Systems Engineer - DWS


Systems Engineer/Senior Systems Engineer - DWS

Gurgaon, India



  • System Definition, including identification of user requirements and technological specifications & solutions[working very closely with the product management and R&D team]
  • Development of systems, including conceptual architectures, trade-off of design concepts, configuration management during system development, integration of new systems with legacy systems, and integrated product and process development.
  • Deployment of systems, including operational test and evaluation, design of experiments, maintenance over an extended life-cycle and re-engineering System optimization in terms of processes, performance and cost.
  • Review and evaluation of the technical aspects of the project to ensure that the systems engineering processes are functioning properly and evolution of the system from concept to product
  • Technical risk management, planning, control, assessment and decision analysis. Plan for integration of human factors, environmental, safety, reliability, maintainability and manufacturing functions into the product system
  • Complete ownership of the system. Research & innovation on a daily basis. Solving tough, real world problems



  • B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech / M.S in any discipline; preferably from Mechanical, Electrical,
  • Aeronautical or related engineering branches. [Preferably Tier 1 colleges]
  • Experience of 5-12 years in a hardware company, preferably startups
  • Industries: IoT, Robotics, Drones, Aerospace, Automotive, Power, Telecom etc.
  • Contribution and visibility in at least one product through its lifecycle
  • Expertise in at least one of the following area (preferably 2): Embedded, Mechanical, EEE
  • Advanced beginner in software ( C, C++, operating systems and networking) MCAD, ECAD, Modelling Software (MBSE, SysML, UML), Embedded tools expertise is extremely sought after
  • Should have solved real life problems.

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