Delivering higher throughput order consolidation for vertical e-commerce

Vertical e-commerce Companies

GreyOrange sorter delivered higher throughput order consolidation for vertical e-commerce companies.


  • Problem Statement
  • There was a need to have a system that could help achieve scale with increased throughputs
  • With increased order volume, meeting the cut-off deadlines was becoming difficult. The desired system should enable the business to catch cut-off deadlines even during consolidation
  • The company wanted to minimize cost due to inaccuracies and missed sorts during consolidation
  • Benefits Delivered
  • The GreyOrange Sorter helped achieve upto 10% reduction in cost per shipment and productivity gains up to 50%
  • Managed 99% savings on re-processing of missed sorts and inaccuracies in consolidation
  • Reduced order returns and cancellations
  • Saved approx 25% area from the same setup
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