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By Samay Kohli, Co-Founder & CEO

May 13, 2020

This past week, I sat down (virtually of course!) with John Ray of North Fulton Business RadioX for an Alpharetta Tech Talk. We covered a lot of ground in our conversation, ranging from how GreyOrange got started to the spotlight that lockdown placed on fulfillment, wrapping up with where the industry is headed from here.

Reflecting on our chat, what stood out to me is how fulfillment has become a mainstream topic for business leaders because of the challenge it represents for their companies. It’s incredibly important to get right. Companies knew they had to start looking at how to compete with the immediacy and predictability Amazon offers, and the current COVID-19 store shutdowns have only accelerated the urgency to solve this challenge.

While this pandemic has been devastating for much of the population, as society re-opens the reality is that the uncertainty and complexity in fulfillment will only increase. Uncertainty and complexity are exactly what GreyMatter (our AI-driven software that works together with our Ranger robots in our Fulfillment Operating System) is designed to handle. Processing millions of inputs per second, GreyMatter was built with flexibility at its core, evaluating all parameters to make the best decisions.

In founding GreyOrange and building our Fulfillment Operating System, our goal is to address these big problems of uncertainty and complexity.  To do this, we work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and tackle them together instead of merely “selling.”  We believe if we add value, the reward will come.

And for us, the reward is making sure our customers’ customers have the best experience. This means solving these complexities, which we do in real-time using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. We’re also pushing beyond real-time. The future of fulfillment lies in predicting the future – so our customers can stay five minutes ahead.

With COVID-19 accelerating the shift toward omnichannel, looking ahead is even more important. Lockdowns created new online customers overnight – people who never or very rarely shopped online adopted new purchasing behaviors that are predicted to continue as a “new normal.” With a streamlined supply chain, flexible automation, AI and robotics, companies can navigate uncertainty so they can continue to operate, grow and serve customers. It’s an important problem to solve, as is supporting our customers on that journey which drives us.

Find out how your fulfillment can stay 5 minutes ahead

Staying 5 minutes ahead – Samay Kohli

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By Samay Kohli, Co-Founder & CEO

May 5, 2020

Recently I spoke with Anthony Lacavera, serial entrepreneur, investor, and Founder & Chairman of Globalive, about the past and future of artificial intelligence and robotics. We focused on fulfillment – how far the industry has come and how far it still must go. Having omnichannel flexibility – being able to access all inventory to fulfill any order, whether in store or online – is a must. We’ve seen in the wake of COVID-19-driven store shutdowns, companies that could easily flex to online order fulfillment thrived, while those that couldn’t struggled.

From the time we conceived GreyOrange, the fundamental ability to flex automated fulfillment to meet real time conditions has been at the heart of our system design. We built GreyMatter (our AI-driven software that works hand in hand with our Ranger robots in our Fulfillment Operating System) to process millions of data points simultaneously to make decisions about how robots, people, and inventory can be best utilized at any point in time.

Modern fulfillment can’t be handcuffed to SOPs set in stone; commerce is too fluid for everything to be neatly pre-planned. Instead, companies need smart and flexible systems that can intelligently decide the next best action against the backdrop of what’s really happening at any point in time.

Earlier, we enabled GreyMatter to ingest and process millions of data points, while launching and analyzing thousands of decision scenarios simultaneously. We’re now training GreyMatter to learn even faster, so customers can be what we call “5 minutes ahead.”  In essence, we’re condensing the time it takes GreyMatter to observe what’s happening in the fulfillment center. By launching and analyzing scenarios of what might happen 5 minutes ahead, GreyMatter can detect patterns and predict what future interaction among people, robots, and inventory will generate the most valuable outcome.

While five minutes might sound small, in fulfillment it’s a long time.  A lot happens in 5 minutes and staying ahead of that is a true advantage.

Find out how your fulfillment can stay 5 minutes ahead