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Today’s buyer-driven commerce demands faster, smarter, more satisfying fulfillment than ever before, squeezing businesses between the promises they must make for loyalty and the profits they must make for economic viability.

That challenge just became steeper with next day/same day/multi-hour delivery moving beyond a preferred option to an expected standard.


In addition to solving the variability, form factor intricacy and velocity of immediate commerce, fulfillment operations must also open up their processes to factor in expanded distribution ecosystems of every type in closer reach of buyers. From retail store replenishment, forward DCs, urban pickup centers, dark fulfillment centers, to fulfilling thousands of e-commerce ‘markets of one’your fulfillment operation must satisfy the market’s ‘immediate commerce’ mindset.

As the transformation continues, more businesses are learning that solutions built for simpler times cannot measure up to the complexity of immediate commerce.

At GreyOrange, we recognize measuring up requires a higher level of advanced technology to power a modern approach to fulfillment.

DeepthinkDistribution: the GreyOrange difference


GreyOrange is leading the new era of Deepthink distribution—advanced AI decision science, machine learning and real time analytics that contemplate, correlate, and drive deeper data, dynamic decisions and demand-driven delivery to meet the challenges of modern commerce.

Deepthink technology activates the GreyOrange Fullfilment Operating System (FOS) with 360° awareness and holistic real time orchestration through the integrated performance of GreyMatter AI software and Ranger intelligent robots.

Advanced algorithmics enable the GO System to automatically analyze and instantaneously model data, performance and events to optimize and execute every next best decision in real time—orchestrating directives and workstreams between people, robots, and processes while also factoring in ecosystems beyond the walls of the warehouse.


The GreyOrange FOS continuously solves and logs progressively improved results at every node of your operation. We call it high yield fulfillment.  In the fierce landscape of modern commerce, anything less can compromise your service level agreements, financial goals and competitive position.

The GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System (FOS) is powered by applied AI science, mobile-spatial logic and purpose-built integration of people + software + robots to drive high yield outcomes for performance, profits and promises kept.

A Higher Bar for Modern Fulfillment

It’s time for distribution centers to break free from traditional cost center confines to become strategic enablers of growth, employee empowerment and customer satisfaction. Equipped with data insights and process capabilities that extend beyond standard throughput and cost-focused Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), companies can measure broader strategic impacts of modern fulfillment.

Store satisfaction with distribution center service

DCs focused only on “within the four walls” metrics lose sight of the meaningful impact their actions have on store employees and performance.  Understanding that DCs, stores and customers are in a cooperative system demands broader thinking.  The GreyOrange FOS enables DCs to deliver replenishment orders timed and packed according to each store’s preference for efficient receipt-to-shelf processing, avoiding the extra store labor time and cost that results from imprecise replenishment practices.

DC employee empowerment, job satisfaction and career commitment

Giving fulfillment employees the opportunity to work with and manage advanced technology, including teams of robots, helps companies attract and retain high-performing workers.  Jobs evolve into careers that deliver continuous learning and skill expansion.  Employees admire their companies as modern innovators that equip them with smart technology. The GreyMatter Command Center gives workers insight to real-time inventory flow-on-the-floor, and a perspective of their role in the DCs overall performance, a view not previously available.

Topline growth, online customer reorders, store shopper satisfaction

Deeper insights into omnichannel metrics and the ability to orchestrate consumer and store orders in real time elevates the DC’s role in driving top-line performance. DC managers can begin measuring their impact on business metrics such as order rates and revenue from the highest value ecommerce customers or shopper satisfaction with store inventory availability. 

GreyOrange is leading the new era of


The pace of modern commerce demands modern thinking and modern technology. That’s why the GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System combines AI-driven software and intelligent robots that work together, continuously communicating to make each other smarter. By observing real time orders and the flow of the floor – and using that data to inform always-solving algorithms that calculate each moment’s best decision – the GO System is ushering in a new era of distribution based on deeper thinking. Deeper data, dynamic decisions, and demand-driven delivery enable you to fulfill the future in real time.