HOMELinear Sorter

Linear Sorter

Flexible and Scalable Sortation System

Challenges such as increasing costs, high order volumes, manpower issues, shorter order processing window & scope for zero-error have led to the adoption of automation solutions to overcome any operational inefficiencies in distribution or fulfillment centers.

GreyOrange Sorter

A hi-tech automated warehouse sorting system comprising of advanced software, offering unmatched throughputs, package-handling capability and reliability. It routes parcels or packages based on industry, defined sortation logic such as destination, volume, weight or any other custom logic based on your business dynamics.

Greyorange introduces its parcel sorter and linear sorter with these intact qualities. GreyOrange linear sorter comes as a standard product and it has the shortest lead time to implementation. From concept to installation, GreyOrange Sorter can deploy in up to 4-6 weeks

Automate sortation with an industry leading solution

Order profiling



  • Reduced discrepancies in shipping cost

    With our leading-edge technology that determines both volumetric and gross weight of every packet in real-time, you can now know exact shipping cost upfront and this enables you to resolve any disputes in minimum time with your partners.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    With the help of GreyOrange Linear Sorter, deliveries are fulfilled quickly and accurately

  • Lower integration and lead time

    GreyOrange warehouse sorting system works seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems (all major WMS and ERP systems).

  • Handling seasonal demand surge

    Handling demand peaks become efficient and easy with GreyOrange Linear Sorter. Our dynamic software configurations allows you to dynamically reconfigure sortation logic to manage evolving business demands.

  • Manage varied payload types

    GreyOrange Linear Sorter is designed for sorting variety of payloads including polybags and regular and irregular packets containing objects as thin as 3mm.

  • Low maintenance and tco

    With SLA-based AMC (includes spare-parts, labor, and maintenance cost), operation and maintenance cost remains fairly low. Our technology can be adapted even for small to medium-sized players. Thus, the linear sorters and parcel sorters from GreyOrange are the best fit for your warehouse sorting systems.

Sorter Variants

Series 6000
  • Up to 6000 sorts per hour

  • High redundancy thus high uptime to Robust system delivers high uptime

  • Integrated dimensioning and weighing system

Series 3000 Expandable
  • Up to 3000 sorts per hour

  • Install the upper deck first followed by lower deck as per need of scalability

  • Allows independent control of each deck

Series 3000
  • Up to 3000 sorts per hour

  • Automated barcode scanning solution

  • Modular build to scale sorting destinations in future

Series 1500
  • Up to 1500 sorts per hour

  • Manual barcode scanning solution

  • Integrated dimensioning and weighing system

  • Up to 500 sorts per hour

  • Minimal operator training

  • Multi-operator sorting capability in single zone

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