Person-to-Goods Cobots for Assisted Picking

Ranger™ Assist, powered by GreyMatter™, is a highly configurable mobile cobot system that works alongside the human workforce. It delivers assisted picking for multiple operators across the warehouse.

The GreyMatter multi-agent orchestration platform directs bots to travel along an optimized path to multiple locations and floors, enabling the right picks and transfers, at the right time. Working with humans, systems and robots from multiple vendors, GreyMatter maximizes productivity.

Ranger Assist can be easily deployed without warehouse infrastructure changes, requires minimal operator training and delivers increased productivity from day one.

Key Benefits

Boosts productivity

by up to 3x

Fast deployment

in days/weeks

No infrastructure changes

No fencing, no barcodes, no operational downtime

Rapid ROI

within 6-8 months

3PL more than doubles throughput with 99.9% accuracy with Ranger Assist

Person-to-Goods Cobots for Assisted Picking

A leading 3PL was looking for a quick-to-implement warehouse automation solution to ensure on-time ecommerce fulfillment for their premium performance sportswear client. They selected Ranger Assist powered by GreyMatter, which would significantly boost productivity by dynamically orchestrating order allocation across multiple floors. With hybrid picking, the allocation and distribution of orders to workers across dynamic zones, and the combination of multiple orders for maximum bot and worker, the 3PL was able to achieve 2.2x greater picking throughput and fulfill orders with 99.9% accuracy.

Person-to-Goods Cobots for Assisted Picking

GreyMatter warehouse orchestration gives you a competitive advantage

Ranger Assist bots run on GreyMatter, our multi-agent orchestration platform, enabling:

  • Real-time inventory sync
    Maintains the right inventory across zones for seamless, on-time fulfillment
  • Dynamic order fulfillment
    Rules-based picking
    Dynamic load balancing across zones and aisles
    Coordination of manual and assisted picking
  • Smart, multi-floor, multi-agent orchestration
    End-to-end process optimization of bots from multiple vendors, working on multiple floors

Key Specifications

Payload Up to 220 lbs
Maximum Operating Speed 1.5 m/s (3.4 mph) up to
1.75 m/s (3.9 mph)
Navigation Method SLAM via LiDAR
CE Certified Meets all safety, health and environmental protection requirements

GreyOrange Ranger Assist Automation Solution

Handle totes, cartons, bulk bins and goods-on-hanger.

Meet peak season volumes and address labor shortages. Scale your robotic fleet up or down on demand.

Bot screen color coding directs pick to the correct tote or bin. Pickers simply stand in their dynamic virtual zones while the bots do the walking.

Intuitive, simple, system-directed user interface requires minimal operator training time.

State-of-the-art, LIDAR-based SLAM navigation ensures safe, incident-free operations.

Automation reduces operator fatigue, helping to boost worker satisfaction and retention rates.

Go omnichannel – seamlessly.
Decrease total cost of ownership

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Home Improvement
Consumer Electronics
Industrial Material

<20k sq ft
<40k sq ft
<60k sq ft
<80k sq ft
<100k sq ft
<125k sq ft

1-5 operators
6-10 operators
11-15 operators
16-20 operators
>20 operators

40-60 items per person
60-80 items per person
80-100 items per person
100-120 items per person
>120 items per person

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Based on your answers, you could save annually with our solution!
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