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Dock to Stock

Smooth inventory replenishment is a prerequisite to efficient fulfillment. Navigating complexity, the effective modern warehouse restocks efficiently – so it can complete orders on-time and cost-effectively. 

Optimizing palletization, ensuring accurate rainbow pallet formation, enabling efficient cube formation, and maximizing truck fill rates. Ranger Dock-to-Stock (DTS) delivers the one-stop solution for optimizing dock-to-stock, truck-to-stock and stock-to-truck transfers and shipments. ​

Ranger DTS automates the palletization and transfer of inventory to various warehouse locations. And choreographs people and robots – including palletizers, automatic robot arms and intralogistics system – to execute complex stock movements that power your fulfillment operation to:

  • Receive and organize more stock faster
  • Fulfill more customer orders accurately
  • Free up humans for value-added work
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Achieve broad, measurable results

Ranger DTS enables the warehouse to achieve the following:

  • Accelerate truck loading and unloading by 3-4x – and reduce dock turnaround time 2.5-3x
  • Drive high throughput – ranging from 8 to 25 cases per minute – for loading and unloading
  • Achieve 99.9% palletization efficiency and accuracy in rainbow pallet formation
  • Reduce user fatigue, cut operational overtime spend, and achieve ROI in just 1.5 years

Unleash the power of the modern warehouse – Ranger DTS helps you achieve results through the following capabilites:


End-to-end orchestration

Dynamically orchestrating the unloading sequence and buffering mechanism for pallet formation with integrated sequencing and workflow orchestration to ensure palletization accuracy.


Rainbow pallet creation​

Creating ready-to-ship rainbow pallets transferable from dock to move to forward-pick area, reserve area or cross-dock.


Multi-robot orchestration

Integrating with multiple robotic agents and ERP systems to allow inventory to be prioritized and smartly stored. ​Enabling on-demand availability of intralogistics robots.


Business rules-based transfers

Using sequencing and de-sequencing algorithms to optimize palletization and de-palletizing.


Channel-agnostic capabilities

Creating dynamic pallets for faster putaway to forward fulfillment zones, channel-agnostic storage and cross-docking.


Multi-variant SKU processing

Handling various and mixed SKUs, cartons, cases and totes in single-SKU stacks or SKUs mixed by business rule in one location (e.g., same SKU kept together for different channels and others mixed based on demand order patterns).

Did you know?

  • Conventionally de-palletizing and storing inbound inventory can take more than seven hours per trailer
  • Conventionally packed trailers carrying pallets are usually underutilized by 30%


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Dock to Stock

Ranger™ Dock to Stock. Powered by GreyMatter™

Powering it with 360° operational warehouse awareness to orchestrate dock-to-stock processes in sync with the flow of the floor – and keep pace with demand. The activities of Ranger DTS are integrated into GreyMatter’s machine learning capabilities to constantly enhance its bots’ operational performance.

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