It’s time for a modern approach to fulfillment

Delivering satisfaction to today’s savvy buyers requires deeper, smarter, faster technology.

The GreyMatter Fulfillment Operating System uses advanced fulfillment science to instantaneously evaluate order data and compose best decisions in real time to efficiently orchestrate people, processes and robots. The result is a fast, agile and precisely tuned operation equipped to perpetually meet the what-when-where expectations of the market you serve.

The GreyMatter™ FOS rapidly responds to real time exceptions and events, prescribes actions, and orchestrates integrated and frictionless performance across every node
of your operation.

GreyMatter’s advanced algorithms intelligently keep pace with demand—responsively, rapidly and with the elastic resilience to navigate fast fluctuations and unpredictable volume spikes.

Why a dedicated fulfillment operating system?

In addition to customer-driven choices in the thousands, multiple channels and destinations, unlimited buyers and hundreds of form factors, now you must execute on all of it in time windows never before imagined.

Buyers, whether a business replenishing retail inventory or a consumer receiving doorstep delivery—increasingly view next day/same day—even multi-hour delivery–beyond a preferred choice…to them it’s fast becoming an expected standard.

The good news is, at GreyOrange, we saw it coming. We knew technology built for a previous era could never meet the challenges –or exploit the opportunities–of today’s immediate commerce.

GreyMatter takes your DC from warehouse to


Always aware >  always solving > always orchestrating

In today’s modern commerce, nothing short of integrated operational awareness and performance can meet new thresholds of accuracy, speed and satisfaction.

Real world results:

Store ready replenishment saves time and labor while accelerating store performance and boosting sales

Ship-to-shelf fulfillment packed to map to complaint retail planograms reduces ‘touches’ — driving faster put away and freeing store employees to spend more time on the sales floor and less time in the back room.

GreyOrange store ready replenishment gives retailers critical advantage in the fiercely competitive retail marketplace to improve employee efficiency and reduce cost of store operations. See how GreyOrange is ready to deliver that advantage to your business today.