Ranger MoveSmart

Scale and locate conveying and sorting robots as demand requires

Modern fulfillment can’t afford the restrictions of rigid conveying and sorting systems. One need to size today based on the predictions for the shape and pace of the business years in the future. Once locked-in, these systems can’t flexibly adapt and scale with demand patterns and business changes.

Ranger MoveSmart can augment or even replace rigid systems to deliver scalable and portable conveying and sorting as you need it, where you need it, especially when handling peaks. Capable of operating in footprints where rigid systems won’t fit, Ranger MoveSmart helps you optimize current facilities, plus can easily relocate to other facilities as you grow.

Smart conveying. Multi-zone order consolidation. Inbound & outbound sortation.

Ranger MoveSmart Specification

Ranger MoveSmart, NL

MoveSmart – XL

Ranger MoveSmart, NL

MoveSmart – M

Ranger MoveSmart, NL

Semi Automatic

Ranger MoveSmart, NL



Parcel Dimensions

RMS-XL – 800×600 mm

RMS-M – 600×450 mm

Parcel Weight

Up to 35 KGs




Automatic Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning

Rejection Provision

Automatic Rejection in the case of Automatic Induct whereas Manual Rejection in the case of Semi-Automatic Induct

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