GreyMatter powered Certified Ranger Network

The CERTIFIED RANGER NETWORK is a curated collection of fulfillment robots and other execution agents that helps companies get access to a wide range of technologies for all their fulfilment needs without undergoing any operational risks. It’s powered by GreyMatter AI software that allows the seamless orchestration of data, processes, people and automation to modernize fulfillment across all inventory points.

GreyMatter’s Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

GreyMatter’s HAL allows easy integration of CRN robotic agents & GreyMatter Software Platform. It enables seamless configurability of various business applications using different combination of agents and software capabilities for process flow automation.

“We are adding a new dot to our Supply Chain Execution Hype Cycle for a software layer that controls pre-integrated heterogeneous fleet of robots as GreyMatter does.”


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