The recent global events have made it clearer than ever that our supply chains must be local and highly automated to respond to shifts in channel volumes. Consumer will reward retail winners who have inventory positioned and well stocked in local markets aligned with consumer demand. A dependence on available labor and the luxury of multi-day fulfillment models must become a part of supply chain history.

This paper will address the following topics

  • The use of micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) to better service local markets
  • The requirement for advanced automation to best leverage the available square footage, optimize throughput and decrease the dependence on available labor
  • An overview of the present and future market conditions and commercial automation solutions that enable the exponential growth of a micro-fulfillment strategy
  • Develop a roadmap in support of a micro-fulfilment strategy that leverages advanced automation and robotics to address the immediate needs of the market and consumers.

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