Competing in the age of immediacy means meeting customer expectations and your margins simultaneously - at unprecedented levels of complexity and speed.

What if you could always make a high yield decision at any time, at every node of your fulfillment operation...


  • Order promises to customers across all channels
  • Labor constraints
  • Order Placement time horizons & fulfillment windows
  • Inventory positions
  • Replenishment promises to stores

You must simultaneously consider order promises to customers across all channels—including your own stores that need to be replenished—as well as revenue, cost variables and constraints like labor, time, shipping windows and available inventory.

A tall order not possible without the most advanced fulfillment science, technology and engineering.

Designed to Deliver High Yield Outcomes

Fortunately, it's an order GreyOrange has filled.

High yield fulfillment is here

Because GreyOrange FOS orchestrates seamless, real time integration of GreyMatter AI software and intelligent Ranger robots, the result is always-solving, 360º awareness and algorithmic calibration of every next best decision. For business, that translates to higher yield performance, higher yield economics and higher yield customer satisfaction.

Real time data and instantaneous modeling inform GreyOrange FOS continuously, facilitating uninterrupted throughput no matter how volatile the order flow.

As the FOS system flexibly prescribes actions,  Ranger robots efficiently act– autonomously and in collaboration with human workforce– as all nodes across the fulfillment operation are automatically orchestrated to keep inventory in motion, at pace with demand.

GreyOrange is leading the new era of


The pace of modern commerce demands modern thinking and modern technology. That’s why the GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System combines AI-driven software and intelligent robots that work together, continuously communicating to make each other smarter. By observing real time orders and the flow of the floor – and using that data to inform always-solving algorithms that calculate each moment’s best decision – the GO System is ushering in a new era of distribution based on deeper thinking. Deeper data, dynamic decisions, and demand-driven delivery enable you to fulfill the future in real time.