Gain Competitive Advantage with GreyOrange's Robust, Feature-Rich
and Scalable Software Built In-house

While it is our robots doing all the running around for you, it is our software that is the brain behind all the robotic solutions offered by GreyOrange. One of the unique advantages of adapting automation solutions from GreyOrange is the robust software that comes along. Software is the key constituent of robotic products ensuring its smooth, error free functioning, based on thousands of complex algorithms to suit your peculiar business needs. Built by experts, GreyOrange software is feature-rich and follows scalable architecture that allows our solutions to adapt to changing business dynamics and requirements across industries.

Key Software Features

Seamless Integration

REST-APIs for integration with any leading or proprietary WMS and ERP systems, enabling customers to streamline their warehouse processes.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy-to- use graphical interface allows warehouse managers and operators to use our solutions with minimal on-boarding time and training.

Inventory Visibility

Our complex algorithms capture all the information fed in and helps customersin real-time tracking of inventory, saving huge amount of audit cost and time.

Information Security

One of the key advantages of GreyOrangesoftware built in-house is the capability to providerole-based access control and encrypted communication.

Multilingual Support

GreyOrange software currently supports English, Japanese and Chinese languages.It can be extended to support other languages.

Dynamic Configuration

With our software, you can alter configurations and fulfilment policies in real-time to support dynamic warehouse requirements.


With the raw warehouse data fed into the system, our software can aid powerful and intuitive data visualization to get actionable insights for you.

Remote monitoring

GreyOrange software capability powers remote monitoring and managing system that ensures immediate trouble shooting.

Regular Updates

Regular updates are suggested by GreyOrange on a periodic basis that allow customers to keep the software up-to-date and bug-free.