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GreyOrange was founded on a
fundamental reality:

You cannot meet modern fulfillment demands with technology built for a previous era. So we combined AI-driven cloud software and smart robotic automation to overcome inadequacies in existing warehouse technology and capitalize on modern market developments.

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A perfect storm is driving a fulfillment revolution

GreyOrange’s Orchestration Software Manages All Subsystems in Real-Time to Drive Returns


Multiple Market Developments


  • Expects faster deliveries – weeks to days to hours
  • Demand free shipping and returns
  • Need for more optionality, differentiated pricing


  • Need for automation, today only 10% automated
  • Labor shortage, high churn and high wages; requires efficiency gains
  • Larger, more complex supply chains
  • Retailer’s demand increasing omnichannel capability; omnichannel integration challenging


Current Warehouse Automation Solutions Inadequate

  • No / low integration across different software, hardware, and people platforms
  • No / low automation
  • Challenges in hitting promised KPIs
  • Lack of proven solutions
  • Challenges managing complexity driven by omnichannel integration

GreyMatter delivers what other systems can’t

because it contemplates people and robots working together and is built on a language designed for capabilities fulfillment demands


Integrating robots and AI-enabled software built on a language designed for fluidity and real-time decisioning directly addresses the most pressing fulfillment needs. Tight labor markets combined with escalating SKU volumes and accelerated shipping times demand moving past traditional technology to leverage a solution designed to fulfill the future of real-time.

  • Persistence to keep connections up and data following when communication points are in motion
  • Mobile-spatial awareness so robots, people and inventory can move around efficiently without getting in each other’s way
  • Decisioning that launches multiple scenarios simultaneously to consider lots of options in real-time to arrive at the best choice in each moment
  • Future fluid logic that leverages Artificial Intelligence and real-time data together to break free of hard coded Standard Operating Procedures. This fluidity underlies charting the best course when the planning premise is “it depends” and enables adjusting what was planned to accommodate what is happening 
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GreyMatter™ software’s real-time decisioning drives dynamic, responsive orchestration

for faster speed to fulfill and promises made, promises kept


Advanced fulfillment science enables GreyMatter™ to instantaneously evaluate order data and compose best decisions in real-time to efficiently orchestrate people, processes, and robots. Advanced algorithms intelligently keep pace with demand–responsively, rapidly and with the elastic resilience to navigate fast fluctuations and unpredictable volume spikes. The result is fast, agile and precisely tuned operation that perpetually meets the what-when-where expectations of the market you serve.

Because GreyMatter rapidly responds to real-time exceptions and events, prescribes actions, and orchestrates frictionless performance across every operational node, you get healthier margins and satisfied markets.

  • GreyMatter Functional Solutions provide fulfillment workflows. They can work alone or with other applications.
  • Ranger Robot Series – GreyOrange robots lead the industry in automating Goods-to-Person, Smart Zone Transfer, Assisted Picking and Unmanned Inventory Movement.
  • People stay socially distanced and safe, enjoy a human work environment and advance their careers by working with advanced software and robotics. 
  • Certified Ranger Control Systems provide software needed to operate more sophisticated robots and hardware.
  • The Certified Ranger Network includes robots and other hardware certified to perform at our high standards of performance and safety.

Real world results:

Store ready replenishment saves time and labor while accelerating store performance and boosting sales

Ship-to-shelf fulfillment packed to map to complaint retail planograms reduces ‘touches’ — driving faster put away and freeing store employees to spend more time on the sales floor and less time in the back room.

GreyOrange store ready replenishment gives retailers a critical advantage in the fiercely competitive retail marketplace to improve employee efficiency and reduce cost of store operations. See how GreyOrange is ready to deliver that advantage to your business today.

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