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Because the world is always changing, we’re looking for people who are always solving.

Joining GreyOrange means you’re joining a team of highly committed, multi talented, diverse people all striving to be the best we can be. We employ talented individuals who want help to build the future and have an eagerness to never stop learning. You’ll learn from some the brightest minds in robotics and fulfilment and help us to refine our decision making, to solve our customers big problems faster and more effectively.

We offer market leading benefits and work life balance, a commitment to serve the communities we work in and ongoing support to help our people live a balanced and healthy life.

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About GreyOrange

GreyOrange is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. & was founded in 2012. We are a team of over 800 people, with over 50% of our collective brainpower focused solely on Research & Development, we thrive on solving problems. We currently have well over 6,000 robots in operation across the world, processing 630,000+ decisions per minute through GreyMatter, our market leading fulfillment orchestration platform. GreyMatter learns continuously and as data flows into the system it makes immediate decisions to optimize order fulfillment by directly managing your robotic fleet and providing business critical information to the human workforce. Combined with our Ranger certification standards we are able to offer the highest levels of adaptability and quality to our customers.

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SSpirit of invention: We’re analytical, insatiably curious and compelled by the “what ifs”. We take risks to solve big problems. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.

OOpen to new ideas: Because we understand the power in teamwork, we listen and respect other points of view. We believe there is value in every voice.

LLimitless possibilities: We provide the opportunity; your passion determines the outcome.

VVigorous pursuit of customer success: We’re obsessed with solving the customer’s problem. Their success is our success.

EExemplify excellence: We continuously evolve to bring our best efforts to all that we do.

RResilient performance: We have the willingness to try again, we never shy away from a challenge or give up in the face of change or the unexpected.

SStrength of purpose: Data-driven decisions ground everything we do. They spark impactful actions, generating best outcomes for our customers, our people and our company.

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