Fulfillment Orchestration Platform

Fulfillment Orchestration Platform

Unleash the power of AI. Achieve next-level fulfillment.

From dock-to-stock processing of high-volume inventory, to handling multi-variant SKUs, palletizing and inventory, through to rapid picking and pickup. Successful last-mile fulfillment requires an omniscient operating system capable of negotiating complex interconnected variables, in real time. It’s only possible through intelligent software that’s always solving – GreyMatter.

Hello, fulfillment center – meet GreyMatter

The GreyMatter Fulfilment Orchestration Platform continuously solves to drive optimal decisions, efficient orchestration and rapid execution across the entire fulfillment operation. So you’re ready in real time, for whatever the market has in store.

Powered by AI that seamlessly integrates fulfillment software, smart robots and people, GreyMatter instantaneously models the best decisions to drive optimal workflows and execution using machine learning and adaptive learning. 

Every new scenario’s unique complexities are instantaneously assessed in real-time. Each outcome’s formula histories are called up, tested, applied or rejected and fluidly calibrated for best fit and highest probable accuracy, efficiency and speed. The result is a dynamic knowledge base of data-driven information and best-case workflows – all to accelerate every future scenario process.

Advanced fulfillment science

GreyMatter AI is the brain of the GreyOrange fulfillment platform. The platform integrates with smart Ranger robots – and other best-in-class robots – to orchestrate GreyOrange fulfillment software, robots and people across the robotic warehouse automation system. To enhance performance across every fulfillment node, including omnichannel, micro fulfillment, ecommerce and in-store fulfillment. 

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Fulfillment Orchestration Platform

Always solving for whatever the market brings

GreyMatter evaluates and drives real-time decisions to orchestrate people, processes and robots to enhance order fulfillment – making it faster, more efficient, cost-effective, more productive and accurate.

Choose the level of GreyMatter functionality and performance that supports your goals for expansion and growth. GreyMatter is engineered to meet you where you are – and elevate your level as you expand your vision.

Stronger than the sum of its (bot) parts: How GreyMatter works

Most autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) – and the fulfillment software they run on – solve problems using individual bots or agents, leading to siloed solutions for individual workflows and areas. In contrast, the GreyMatter fulfillment Orchestration Platform integrates multiple agents – including different bots and the human beings who interact with machines in the fulfillment process – to drive seamless fulfillment across the whole warehouse.

The GreyMatter orchestration engine assigns multiple agents to drive work across various areas and material flows to solve myriad intricacies impacting warehouse efficiency. Drawing on data from across the full spectrum of operations, GreyMatter drives optimal decision making through its entire software, robot and human ecosystem. 

The result is that GreyMatter produces real-time solutions that are more powerful than the sum of individual bots – and robots and solutions that are all interconnectable, autonomous and resilient.

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Multiple bot orchestration. One powerful fulfillment solution.


Go robot agnostic

GreyMatter integrates seamlessly with all your existing systems and can manage any robotic agent, reducing the need for separate software integrations and freeing you up to use best-in-breed robotics – wherever you need them. Offering an open API platform that enables third-party participation in applications and robotic automation system development. Using multi-robot orchestration to allow any robot to be plugged in and controlled centrally – even off site – to unlock limitless operational and technology choices.


Integrate seamlessly

No matter what robotic workforce you choose to employ – or upstream system you need to connect to – you gain the APIs and integration capabilities you need to create a seamless operating system. GreyMatter integrates with all standard WMS, OMS and 3PP automation systems for faster implementation and frictionless rollout.


Accelerate performance

Just as a smartphone enables so much more than making calls, GreyMatter enables any robot workforce to deliver more. Embedded with AI that constantly learns – and identifies patterns across the warehouse leading to better decision making – GreyMatter drives continuous improvement and higher performance. The result is faster ROI.


Scale and grow

Investing in a system that is able to grow with you is critical. That’s why GreyMatter offers the security and flexibility to meet demand when and where it’s needed. The platform employs modular blocks to add and remove specific functionality, giving you operational flexibility and removing risk and the ability to flex capacity up and down. And its replicable model provides consistent and reliable service delivery – so you can extend and replicate the solution across multiple nodes of the fulfillment network.


Gain resilience and stability

GreyMatter responds in real-time to customer orders. The same technology that runs WhatsApp servers and CISCO networks makes the platform highly fault-tolerant and scalable. With centralized information processing, your robots operate with speed, predictability, control and redundancy to deliver reliable and resilient operations.


Boost flexibility. Minimize risk.

GreyMatter de-risks your first step into automation, allowing you to invest in what you need now and giving you the flexibility to grow at your own pace. Its as-a-service model offers the financial flexibility needed in highly dynamic environments to enable variable costing with a low cost of entry.


Execute an end-to-end robot orchestration.

GreyMatter combines AI technologies and live data to optimize your robotic workforce and supply your human workforce with critical information in the live environment. The platform offers frictionless integration with key management systems, allowing you to optimize process flows and manage your robotic workforce. All to deliver a single operational control solution across multiple processes in your distribution network.


Access real-time insights and control.

GreyMatter offers a comprehensive set of operational, managerial and diagnostic dashboards that helps track experience-centric KPIs. The platform is a real-time fulfillment software that creates a two-way feedback flow between the business goals and the operational metrics. Featuring a command center that helps customers build out a forward-looking success plan to maximize adoption, drive consistent bottom-line impact, and significantly increase the ROI.

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