Sortation & Smart Conveying Robots

Sortation & Smart Conveying Robots

Ranger™ MoveSmart – sorting robots

Flexible, scalable fleets convey & sort packages or inventory from receiving through dispatch without bottlenecks or rigidity.

Mobile & Portable

Free range of motion extends reach and versatility

Modular & Flexible

Component-based design and Real time agility
enables seamless configuration to any work pattern


Scalability to shift up and down with fluctuating demand

Rapid Implementation

Quick to deploy and delivers near
immediate value in time, cost and accuracy

Scale and locate conveying and sorting robots as demand requires

Our fleet are flexible, scalable fleets used for conveying & sorting packages or inventory from receiving through dispatch without bottlenecks or rigidity. 

In today’s fast and fluctuating commerce landscape, businesses can’t afford the restrictions of rigid conveying and sorting systems. Once locked-in, these systems can’t flexibly adapt and scale with demand patterns and business changes.

Ranger™ MoveSmart can augment or even replace rigid systems to deliver scalable and portable conveying and sorting systems as you need it, where you need it, especially when handling peaks. Capable of operating in footprints where rigid systems won’t fit, Ranger MoveSmart helps you optimize current facilities, plus can easily relocate to other facilities as you grow.

Smart Conveying. Multi-Zone Order Consolidation. Inbound & Outbound Sortation.

Recoup the value from returned goods with inbound sortation and smart transportation system.

  • Quick inbound sortation: Sort high volume of returned goods basis multiple attributes like SKU profile, supplier, etc.
  • Smart Transportation: Configure flexible workflows to handle a variety of returned inventory process flows.
Sortation & Smart Conveying Robots

Transverse the inventory for autonomous multi-order consolidation.

  • Dramatically increases the item picking rate (up to 7x improvement in picking rates)
  • Eliminates time consuming and labor-intensive work (zero walk solution) across inventory retrieval, picking, consolidation, and packing
  • Waveless picking of multiple orders from the same picking station for increased pick-per-pick-face
  • Ergonomic design to ensure safe and socially-distant work environment
Sortation & Smart Conveying Robots

Ranger™ MoveSmart provides sortation capabilities from as small as 500 units per hour. Traditional solutions require a high upfront investment even for lower throughput requirements.

  • Flexible throughput scaling – start with current needs, scale as you grow and save on capex
  • Flexible capacity utilisation caters both inbound and outbound sorting e.g. same robots can work at inbound in the morning and at outbound in the evening
  • Flexible destinations scaling – add sorting destinations on the go.
Sortation & Smart Conveying Robots

Ranger™ MoveSmart moves items from one touchpoint to another, reducing overall lead time for on-demand value adding services and faster fulfillment.

  • Connected material flow – the central intelligent system orchestrates the material flow for a higher throughput
  • Configurable flexible workflows – adapt to changing business flows without having to change the whole system.
  • Powered by GreyMatter AI software – Get end-to-end visibility and control
Sortation & Smart Conveying Robots

Ranger™  MoveSmart specifications

Different Induction Modules – Manual Induction
– Semi Automatic Induct Station
– Automatic Induct Station
– Conveyor Induction
Parcel dimensions RMS-XL – 800×600 mm
RMS-M – 600×450 mm
Parcel weight Up to 35 KGs
Compliance CE & UL
DWS Automatic Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning
Rejection provision Automatic Rejection in the case of Automatic Induct whereas Manual Rejection in the case of Semi-Automatic Induct

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The advanced science and engineering integrating real time data between GreyMatter and Rangers generates 360° operational awareness so the GreyOrange Fulfillment Orchestration Platform can orchestrate inventory in motion with the flow of the floor and at pace with demand. Together, GreyMatter and Ranger robots are the brain and muscle of the GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System, the always-solving solution that will transform your DC from warehouse to awarehouse.

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