Intralogistics (IL) AMR

Move More Inventory. Quickly. Efficiently. Safely.

In today’s tight labor market, hiring warehouse workers has become a difficult and costly process. At the same time, manual fulfillment processes are slow and inefficient and forklifts can pose significant injury and inventory damage risks.

To address these challenges, GreyOrange offers an Intralogistics solution that can automate labor-intensive workflows related to material and pallet movement in your warehouse. The Ranger Intralogistics robot (RIL), powered by GreyMatter multiagent orchestration, is a highly adaptive autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

Ranger Intralogistics Applications
Ranger Intralogistics Applications
Replace long-haul forklift moves between inbound dock and deep-storage areas.
Automate movement to forward-pick areas. Hand off or take away pallets to and from put/pick operators.
Increase throughput by picking directly to pallets on RIL bots in brownfield warehouses.
Replace forklift-based operations, augment overloaded conveyor-based systems and avoid costly infrastructure investments.
Set and forget trash and empty pallet return flows to keep your facility uncluttered and organized per 5S.
Handle large-item returns, sorting payloads from the returns dock to the correct area.

Key Benefits

Reduce operating costs

by 50-60%

Accelerate dock-to-stock and pick-to-dispatch

2x faster

Fast order-to-commission time

8-12 weeks

Rapid ROI

6-18 months

Customer Success: Sodimac optimizes material movement with the world’s largest pallet-moving AMR installation

1M sq.ft. facility in Chile servicing a chain of home improvement stores, receiving 4,000 single SKU pallets and dispatching 4,000 mixed SKU pallets per day

  • 63 AMRs
  • 0.7M sq.ft. covered by RIL bots
  • 4000 pallets/day orchestrating 13 material flows
  • Fully integrated with WMS, RTP and third-party conveyor systems
  • 70% reduction in forklifts
RIL Variant & System Components

Ranger Intralogistics L (RIL-L)
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Dimensions 1280 x 920 x 350 mm 51.2 x 36.2 x 13.8 in.
Max Payload 1000 kg 2204 lbs.
Max Speed 2 m/s 4.5 mph
Payload Type Closed pallets, open pallets, pallet boxes, gaylords, moveable racks, trolleys
Ranger Intralogistics H (RIL-H)
Image 5 Image 4
Dimensions 1600 x 900 x 2100 mm 63 x 35.4 x 82.7 in.
Max Speed 1.50 m/s 3.4 mph
Max Payload 1400 kgs 3080 lbs
Payload Type Closed pallets (from an elevated pick up), open pallets (from ground), pallet boxes, gaylords, moveable racks, trolleys
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