Goods to Person

Goods to person

goods-to-person (GTP). Accelerate throughput. Drive omnichannel. 

Choice and speed are the watchwords of today’s omnichannel retail model – presenting the fulfillment operations of leading retailers with big challenges. But fast fulfillment can’t be met with fixed infrastructure and rigid automation built for a previous era. From putaway all the way to picking, efficient fulfillment must be automated.


Switch from rigid and slow → to smart and swift

Introducing Ranger Rack-to-Person (RTP) – the goods-to-person autonomous mobile robot (AMR) – for automated putaway, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking in fulfillment and distribution centers.

Powered by the GreyMatter fulfillment operating system, Ranger RTP is configured to operate with mobile storage units (MSUs) and the static pick-put and roll-cage pick-put station accessories available for Ranger products. All designed to allow the warehouse’s robots and human workforce to collaborate efficiently.

Achieve tangible results


Deliver true omnichannel

Store variable unit loads. View, allocate, and access inventory across in-store and eCommerce channels.


Cut through complexity

Simplify warehouse processes and seamlessly adapts to customer business workflows and inventory type. Store high volumes of SKUs – including highly variable SKUs – and meet channel demand variances.


Improve speed and accuracy

Enable faster, error-free order fulfillment to decrease order-to-pick time and increase the number of orders picked per person.


Achieve 4-5x productivity gains

Exceed manual operation efficiency (by many multiples) and exceed other person-to-goods systems’ speed of fulfillment.


Minimize operating costs

Reduce order fulfillment time, increase inventory efficiency, decrease days-on-hand stock.


Reduce labor turnover

Improve job satisfaction by reducing operational inefficiencies, errors, and training time.

Goods to Person

Ranger RTP capabilities

  • The Ranger RTP automation system adapts seamlessly to changing inventory profiles, demand patterns, and peaks
  • Modular system architecture ensures bi-directional scalability to increase storage volume or fulfillment throughput independently by adding more storage racks or robots as needed.
  • From reducing travel time by 5x that of human workers to reconfiguring mobile stock units (MSUs) – and working in tandem with other GTPs and Ranger Pick – the result is fluid, dynamic optimization.

Ranger RTP. Powered by GreyMatter.

Goods to Person

GreyMatter, the multiagent orchestration platform (MAO) behind Ranger RTP, drives real-time order prioritization and fulfillment optimization. It executes express delivery SLAs – with pick before time – at high volume to improve overall fulfillment efficiency.  GreyMatter gives Ranger RTP 360° operational warehouse awareness to orchestrate inventory in sync with the flow of the floor – and keeping pace with demand. The activities Ranger RTP completes to orchestrate goods-to-person processes are integrated into GreyMatter’s machine learning algorithms to constantly enhance operational performance.

With GreyMatter, your team gains a competitive advantage by putting the right order with the right bot and the right picker every time. Providing end-to-end process orchestration from inbound to outbound, along with multiple bot orchestration, GreyMatter maximizes your smart warehouse performance. Featuring hybrid picking, multi-floor operations, dynamic order picking and planogram-based picking, GreyMatter provides powerful business intelligence and customized analytics to ensure your team is winning every time.

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