Assisted Picking Cobots for Automated Warehouse Picking

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Automate and streamline warehouse fulfillment

The crush of pandemic order volumes has passed. But ecommerce customer expectations are as high as ever and the labor shortage is real. Warehouses need a fulfillment solution that’s ready to go – and grow – from day one. Including a smooth implementation that integrates the solution into your operations and is ready to scale. All to double productivity, maximize ROI, and ready you for whatever big challenge comes next.

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Let our Assisted Picking Cobot, Ranger Assist do the heavy lifting

Eliminate time-consuming manual order picking. Empower workers to be more productive. Choreograph order picking and restock returns of workers and intelligent cobots. Let the robots do the traveling so your  workers can stay safe and enable faster cycle times and operate safely. And you keep your existing warehouse structure. The result is increased order fulfillments and optimized labor costs and risk.

Go omnichannel – seamlessly.
Decrease total cost of ownership

Take this quick assessment to find out your potential return on investing in robotics

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Consumer Electronics
Industrial Material

<20k sq ft
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<60k sq ft
<80k sq ft
<100k sq ft
<125k sq ft

1-5 operators
6-10 operators
11-15 operators
16-20 operators
>20 operators

40-60 items per person
60-80 items per person
80-100 items per person
100-120 items per person
>120 items per person

Based on your answers, you could save annually by investing every month!
Schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

Based on your answers, you could save annually with our solution!
Schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

Six additional benefits of going omnichannel


Minimize infrastructure change

Skip the long installation hassle with quick-and-easy deployment in as little as a week


Reduce picking errors and walk time

Guide workers to the next picking spot with audio and visual commands to ensure error-free fulfillment


Scale up or down

Add or subtract robots from your fleet – quickly and easily


Increase fulfillment productivity

Empower workers with dual touch screens and the ability to switch between pick or put functions in real-time – eliminating the need for multiple pick/put teams


Enhance workplace safety

Reduce reliance on labor intensive operations and achieve a higher retention rate with better worker satisfaction


Configure multi-level shelving

Handle totes, cartons, bulk bins, and goods-on-hanger

Assisted Picking Cobots for Automated Warehouse Picking

Get Ranger Assist

Powered by the GreyMatter
fulfillment orchestration platform.

Create a true omnichannel supply chain operation with the GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform. GreyMatter evaluates and tracks multiple parameters to make data-driven decisions in real-time to fulfill orders faster, more efficiently and at lower cost. 

Meet channel demand, reallocate orders and prioritize customer needs instantly, while maintaining end-to-end visibility and control of inventory. Gain real-time inventory management and hybrid picking that orchestrates orders to manual and robot pickers. Flex to satisfy unexpected and peak demands with ease.

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