Assisted Picking Cobot

Ranger™ Assist – Powered by GreyMatter™

Assisted Picking Cobot

Maximize pick productivity through intelligent cobot technologies enabling people and robots to work together

Ranger Assist a highly configurable mobile cobot system that works alongside the human workforce to assist in picking in warehouses. It delivers assisted picking for multiple operators, across multiple floors in the warehouse.


 Besides being highly configurable, Ranger™ Assist can handle a wide range of warehouse applications, including storage, multi-operator support and multi-floor operations. Additionally, this cobot  can also augment an existing fleet of robots or integrate into manual picking operations during peak periods, providing both immediate ROI and continuous value.


The robot autonomously travels along an optimized path to  multiple locations and floors to allow right picks & transfers at the right time. Working with humans and other fleets of robots, it significantly increases productivity for the most strenuous and time-consuming task in a warehouse that is the process of order picking and reduces workplace injury.

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Ranger™ Assist – Cobots
for automated warehouse
picking solution

  • Productivity gain: Get up to 3x increase in pick rates and productivity gain
  • Reduced picking errors: System directed operations enables error-free picking/putaway
  • Reduced operational spends: 30% – 40% reduction in operational spends
  • Peak management: Address high volume peak demands while addressing labor shortfall and employee satisfaction & retention
  • Flexible configurations: Handle tote, cartons, eaches as well as goods-on-hanger
  • Rapid deployment: Rapid deployment in days/week* with minimal infrastructural changes – No Fencing, No Barcode, No Operational Downtime
  • Reduced training time: Reduce new hire training time by up to 80%

Key Specifications

Payload Up to 220 lbs
Maximum Operating Speed 1.5 m/s (3.4 mph) up to
1.75 m/s (3.9 mph)
Navigation Method SLAM via LiDAR
CE Certified Meets all safety, health and environmental protection requirements

Key features

Smart LED lights

Enables pick-to-light and
put-to-side capabilities for high accuracy of 99%


Conformance to ANSI / RIA R15.08

Autonomous navigation

(No Barcode and No Fence)

Real time inventory sync

Powered by GreyMatter™ Intelligence

Assisted Picking Cobot

Achieving high throughputs for the fastest fulfillment with always-on solving algorithms to calculate and recalibrate each next-best decision, whether you’re prioritizing to deliver peak demand fulfillment or managing every-day payoffs and tradeoffs.

  • Dynamic Order Fulfillment: Dynamic order orchestration evaluates multiple parameters and determines the right order for the right bot and picker
  • True Omni-channel picking: Rules-based picking; dynamically balancing workload across areas to optimize fulfillment across all distribution channels
  • Real-time Inventory Sync: End-to-end inventory visibility and control ensures that the right inventory is available across pick zones, supporting seamless order fulfillment
  • Hybrid Picking in Peaks: Manual and co-bot picking can coexist to handle high order volumes at peak times
  • Smart Multi-Floor Multi-Agent Warehousing: Real-time orchestration of multi-bot operations across multiple floors
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