Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

Building future-ready omnichannel

The best customer experiences aren’t in-store or e-commerce. They’re omnichannel. That’s why the top retailers have a shop-from-anywhere fulfillment capability that unleashes the power of omnichannel to boost revenue. All through an intelligent fulfillment solution​ software that delivers complete inventory visibility across myriad stores and warehouses. And the capability to orchestrate fulfillment from one place.

Multiple channels become unified with the GreyOrange solution, which manages inventory from a single, logical location, and navigates complicated business rules across all channels.

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Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

Ready for the unpredictable

Meet fluctuating demand. A channel-agnostic picking solution dynamically allocates capacity based on demand. Orders are picked orders across channels – from one unified location, using the same workforce.

Manage eCommerce surges. Use business intelligence to resolve channel conflicts, including overriding picking priority to manage the sudden increases in eCommerce orders.

Optimize inventory

Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

Leverage channel-agnostic inventory, Allow storage of SKUs by business rule-based mixing in a location (e.g., the same SKU can be kept together for different channels and other SKUs can be mixed based on demand order patterns).

Improve inventory availability. Gain a single omnichannel view across your entire inventory ecosystem to access your full stock levels to meet demand.

Enhance inventory utilization.​ Optimize densely-filled floor and vertical storage space. Mix multiple SKUs across channels, at a unified storage location in accordance with business rules. The same SKU can be kept together or mixed to meet varying demand and order patterns. 

Optimize inventory allocation. Inventory can be allocated from one channel to another – either manually or via business rules – to avoid SKU starvation in a particular channel.

Meeting specific customer requirements

Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

Satisfy SLA commitments. Manage configurable SLAs based on business rules (e.g., increase priority for eCommerce orders) to meet same-day delivery SLAs and maintain lower priority for retail orders. 

Prioritize express orders​. Pick express orders immediately at specific stations to ensure faster downstream processing.

Optimize capacity allocation​. Allocate picking capacity to eCommerce, retail orders, or a mix of both.

Enhance lot management and control. Let users control how they want to allot inventory between different channels and reallocate inventory from one channel to another based on business rules.

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