Warehouse automation for the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing operations experience a host of challenges in optimizing the order fulfillment process. They must fill orders quickly to meet demand while continually looking for ways to minimize labor costs. They also need to reduce errors that lead to inaccurate shipments and lower customer satisfaction levels while simultaneously battling rising transportation costs and supply chain issues. 

At GreyOrange, we recognize the order fulfillment challenges that manufacturing entities like yours must overcome to meet customer expectations and remain competitive. We offer a robust, innovative fulfillment platform that will add significant value to your operations. 

GreyOrange solutions

Our order fulfillment platform seamlessly combines technologically advanced autonomous mobile robots (AMR) with intuitive AI cloud software to keep inventory in motion and increase efficiency. You’ll be able to meet maximum demand across one or multiple distribution centers, regardless of size or location.

Our Ranger™ series consists of cutting-edge intelligent robots that enable you to automate various steps in the order fulfillment process. You’ll find several Ranger options to serve your needs in these crucial areas:

  • Goods-to-person
  • Pick & pack fulfillment
  • Order-to-person
  • Assisted picking
  • Tote-to-person

How ranger robots work

Ranger robots integrate with our GreyMatter™ AI-driven software. Unlike robots designed to operate as attachments, these units use GreyMatter intelligence as an additional learning layer that allows them to adapt to workflow events in real time. You’ll be able to make immediate adjustments to changes in order fulfillment processes. GreyMatter also continuously assesses data as it moves across your business, allowing you to optimize workstreams for all employees within your distribution center. 

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How AMRs improve order fulfillment in manufacturing


Increased speed and productivity

Robots can locate items and deliver them to your workers for packaging. This feature eliminates the need for employees to travel through the warehouse to find the goods, saving time and boosting productivity.


Fewer errors

Robotics and artificial intelligence can help reduce picking mistakes that often occur in human-centric order fulfillment applications. Your customers will have fewer issues with incorrect orders, resulting in higher satisfaction levels.


Enhanced scalability

Are you looking to grow your manufacturing operation? AMRs allow you to scale your order fulfillment capabilities quickly by adding robots as needed. You’ll avoid the time-consuming and costly process of hiring, onboarding and training new personnel.


Lower costs

Most manufacturing entities discover that implementing autonomous mobile robots and AI software into the order fulfillment process is more cost-effective. You’ll spend less on employee salaries and benefits while saving money through increased efficiency.


Improved safety

The combination of fewer workers on the warehouse floor and the state-of-the-art features included with AMRs — sensors and lasers for detecting and avoiding people and objects in their path — helps minimize the occurrence of workplace accidents.

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