Pallet Mover/Forklift

Pallet Mover/Forklift

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Conventional warehouses pose numerous hazards. Human-operated machines like forklifts can damage inventory and cause serious injury. Indeed, manual fulfillment processes are costly, inefficient and inherently risky. Not to mention that in today’s tight labor market, hiring and retaining workers presents a major challenge. 

Introducing the Ranger IL-H forklift robot – one half of the powerful Ranger IL intralogistics autonomous mobile robot (AMR) duo that also includes the Ranger IL-L platform robot. 

Orchestrated by GreyMatter, the robots navigate through the environment autonomously through the use of 2-D LiDAR based SLAM technology.

Automate 5 powerful applications

Ranger IL-H transforms how material flows throughout your facility by automating the warehouse material handling fleet. Control control dock to stock, cross docking, integration with goods to person picking, case replenishment, pallet pick and outbound flows – to deliver fast, efficient and safe throughput.

  • Dock to stock
  • Replenishment
  • Post-pick conveyance
  • Cross docking
  • Trash / empty pallet movement

  • Seamlessly move inventory. Move various payloads across the distribution center – from pickup to drop off points – including pallets, trolleys, roll-cages, gaylords and more.
  • Adapt to changing workloads. Fine-tune workflows in real time through dynamic integration to respond to changing order volume and environmental and system conditions.
  • Realize ROI quickly. Take advantage of ready-to-run implementation to create immediate value in time, cost and accuracy.
  • Seamlessly integrate with systems and people. Operate in collaboration with other robots, people, automated infrastructure and inventory with mobile spatial navigation.
Pallet Mover/Forklift

Accelerate fulfillment with real-time inventory and order orchestration 

Ranger IL-H automates the movement of robots and materials across the distribution center – including heavy payloads up to 2,205 lbs – flexibly and autonomously by: 

  • Dynamically adapting to business rule parameters, while protecting SLAs and the safety of people and materials
  • Automating horizontal material transport to focus warehouse activity on value-added activities like scheduling deliveries effectively to optimize throughput


Why Ranger IL-H?


Solve tough labor challenges

Consistently perform repetitive tasks that traditionally lead to high employee turnover due to repetitive stress and injury. Ease the constant cycle of hiring and training. Reallocate workers to value-added tasks.


Achieve ROI fast

For multishift applications, fulfillment operations can achieve return on investment in less than two years.


Operate safely

Ranger robots adhere to the B56.5 safety standard and site-specific safety protocols, sensing both ground level and suspended items such as ladders hanging off carriers.


Gain durability

An intralogistics robot can last longer than a standard truck due to the abuse often associated with manual trucks. Current robots in the field have lasted up to five years or more.

3 questions for warehouse managers

When it comes to modern fulfillment, labor use, safety and efficiency are interrelated. Make them all work together.

  • Is your fulfillment operation finding it challenging to hire or retain forklift operators?
  • Are you experiencing forklift accidents and damages at your facility?
  • Does your material handling fleet complete numerous long-haul pallet transport moves every day?


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Pallet Mover/Forklift

Ranger IL-H™. Powered by GreyMatter™

GreyMatter, the GreyOrange fulfillment platform, gives Ranger IL-H 360° operational warehouse awareness to orchestrate intralogistics processes in sync with the flow of the floor – and keep pace with demand. The activities of Ranger IL-H are integrated into GreyMatter’s machine learning capabilities to constantly enhance its bots’ operational performance.

GreyMatter™ allows Ranger IL-H to make real-time decisions to orchestrate optimal material movement to the correct locations across the warehouse. The result is higher overall throughput for the warehouse and optimized labor – not only for material movement, but also replenishment.

Achieve fulfillment advantage with the GreyOrange intralogistics solution.

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