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Capturing Fulfillment’s True Potential

GreyOrange Strategic Consulting helps retailers, manufacturers and other companies identify and solve their biggest warehouse fulfillment challenges using automation, robotics and process improvement. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with businesses to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions that maximize efficiency, accuracy and profitability. Whether you’re looking to improve your warehouse operations, reduce costs or increase throughput, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Consulting

How we help: Taking a holistic approach

Enhancing your fulfillment operations long-term requires taking a holistic and deeply informed approach to capture the most value. GreyOrange Strategic Consulting guides clients through the fulfillment automation transformation process – from designing and implementing the best approach to continually refining it. We draw on deep knowledge of various automation technologies, our enterprise client work and the expertise of highly experienced professionals. 

Some of the companies we work with

Our approach to lifecycle transformation



We work with you to devise a holistic approach to warehouse fulfillment. Our teams deliver a comprehensive transformation lifecycle strategy to achieve long-term results by:

  • Defining value for your organization

  • Identifying value-creation opportunities

  • Launching programs that accelerate value creation at scale

We create a roadmap to implement the strategy and gain buy-in to ensure organizational acceptance.


We meet with your team to gain consensus on KPIs and operational performance targets you must meet. We conduct a set of lighthouse workshops with your team – including our exploration, value identification and momentum labs – to identify challenges and productive opportunities for improvement.


Design thinking

To find the best solutions for your challenges, we get to know your people, processes, industry spaces and automation technology in your current operations. We take a design thinking-oriented approach to transform your fulfillment operation’s challenges into opportunities for enhancement.


Technology independence

We draw from the proprietary knowledge and insights of GreyOrange and its GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform to reduce costs and output, and improve the customer experience. Rather than being tied to any one technology brand, we work to identify best-fit platforms and tools that will make your operations more efficient.


Long-term success

We build a long-term relationship with your organization and team, remaining plugged-in to continually reassess as your operational needs change and assist you in achieving continual optimization.

Optimizing automation – and beyond

Our teams work with clients with candor and honesty. That’s because while automation is a critical part of the last mile of the supply chain, it’s not the only way to achieve efficiency. Our teams analyze when to automate – and when not to automate – to achieve the best results. We work with you to optimize the right warehouse types. And we collaborate with you as a long-term partner – through business cycles – to continually improve.

Moving from ideas to actions

When you work with our consultants, you will benefit from:

  • Improved efficiency – Our solutions are designed to optimize warehouse operations and improve efficiency, allowing businesses to process orders more quickly and accurately.
  • Increased throughput – By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes, we help businesses increase throughput and handle more orders with fewer resources.
  • Reduced costs – Our solutions are designed to reduce labor costs and minimize waste, helping businesses improve their bottom line.
  • Enhanced customer experience – By improving warehouse operations, businesses can improve order accuracy and delivery times, leading to a better overall customer experience.

Leveraging GreyOrange’s hands-on experience

At GreyOrange we help our clients solve their biggest fulfillment challenges through the scalable power of human, AI and robot collaboration. Our GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform is the brains that powers the fulfillment operations of some of the most successful retailers. The platform choreographs our Ranger-certified robots and the actions of 10,000+ robots every day to make 630,000+ decisions every minute. We work to continually drive innovation by dedicating 35% of our 900 employees to R&D.


Learn more about us

GreyOrange Strategic Consulting would welcome the opportunity to learn about your organization, its goals and challenges. Please contact a Strategic Consulting representative to discuss our momentum lab design thinking workshop.

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