The Momentum Lab Design Thinking Workshop

The Momentum Lab Design Thinking Workshop

What is The Momentum Lab? 

An exclusive executive session to explore how you can leverage AI-driven cloud software and smart robotic automation to increase fulfillment throughput, reduce costs and improve customer experience. 

We will conduct the lab at a location of your choice. Over the course of approximately 3 hours, we will bring your leaders together with our experts to:

  • Discover the art-of-the-possible today with AI-driven cloud software and smart robotic automation.
  • Explore specific priorities for your brand.
  • Design Thinking Session focused on 2-3 areas of fulfillment ready for a transformation.
  • Outcome-focused: The goal is to identify the most feasible ideas that deliver business impact.

What’s the agenda?


Grey Orange point-of-view on Industry and Technology Trends
(20 minutes)


Client Examples and “what-if” scenario envisioning
(20 minutes)


Design Thinking Workshop
(2 hours)

  • Persona Creation: Empathy Mapping Module

  • “As Is” scenario Module

  • Ideation Module

  • Prioritization Module


Feedback and next steps
(20 minutes)

Who should attend?

Strategic leaders from your organization who are in:

  • Supply Chain / Logistics / Fulfillment
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Finance

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