Peak Season Fulfillment

Peak Season Fulfillment

Maximize throughput to meet heightened demand.

Peak Season Fulfillment
Peak Season Fulfillment

Reaching peak performance

The holiday season arrives. Backorder inventory comes in. Big customers launch new products. Peak season demand can be caused by a confluence of factors or simply a specific time of year. Is your warehouse fulfillment operation ready for the next surge?

GreyOrange fulfillment professionals enable warehouses to meet challenging demand. We work with you to assess your fulfillment challenges, identify bottlenecks and enhance your operations. Our team helps you optimize throughput capability so you can fulfill maximum order volumes effectively and efficiently, deliver great customer experiences and improve profit margins. We’ll get you ready for peaks – well before they arrive – and be there when you need us.

Peak Season Fulfillment

Crush peak demand with RaaS

With Robots as a Service (RaaS), it’s never been easier to meet peak demand. Capitalize on the power of GreyOrange robots to boost the throughput capability of your facility when it’s needed most. Working alongside your people, our RaaS robots provide an efficient, cost-effective and readily implementable solution. Now you can match your baseline volume, scale up as volume increases, and meet your year-round needs by modifying throughput capacity as needed.

Achieve results that matter


Maximize throughput

Drive fulfillment to meet rising demand when it counts most


Increase efficiency

Maximize productivity to make your existing operations perform at their best


Reduce downtime

Minimize technical issues and achieve optimal runtime


Enhance customer satisfaction

Deliver exceptional fulfillment experiences to meet ambitious performance targets


Achieve cost savings

Optimize resource utilization and reduce overhead


Plan proactively

Be ready for peak season before it arrives


Boost flexibility and scalability

Meet variable demand by temporarily adding robots during peak seasons or seasonal volume increases

Flexible service plans

GreyOrange fulfillment teams conduct infrastructure audit stress test planning to eliminate issues before they impact performance. We provide dedicated triage to rapidly address major issues, including onsite and remote services, 24/7 monitoring and support during planning and execution. Our flexible multi-tiered plans meet the unique needs of an array of warehouses.



  • Simulations designed for peak volume process optimization
  • Proactive machine service history and spare parts analysis
  • Remote technical assistance and connected solutions monitoring
  • Detailed peak configuration review and system documentation


(includes all basic features)

  • Dedicated on-site service and support during peak season
  • Stress test planning, monitoring and recommendations
  • Daily automated client incident management report
  • Operations standard work monitoring and guidance
  • Dedicated bi-weekly peak planning call


(includes all advanced features)

  • Comprehensive infrastructure audit and expanded analyses and reporting
  • 24/7 customer service and support onsite during peak season
  • Dedicated war room for high-severity issues
  • Daily one-hour issue review calls during peak season

Peak performance in action

What our customers are saying


Triple volume growth delivered – in half the time

“We were able to handle almost three times the peak volume compared to the previous year with 50% fewer bots than anticipated – in half the time targeted – to exceed every KPI.”


Peak volume achieved – with no oversight

“Senior site management fell ill, but GreyOrange onsite resources stepped in and stepped up, flawlessly delivering a max-volume peak day in 83% of the scheduled time.”


More orders completed – with fewer bots

“Our peak volume was 49% greater than the previous peak season, yet we were able to process this additional volume with 20% fewer bots than the previous year, with no hiccups.”

Peak performance in action 

Case studies

GreyOrange helped the following global companies achieve peak throughput during their most demanding work periods.

Leading apparel retailer

  • Boosted order fulfillment volume 3x+
  • Increased outbound throughput volume 86%
  • Processed up to 83,000 ecommerce units per day (11 working hours)
  • Maintained 99% software uptime
  • Handled various SKUs in multiple waves 24/7

Global entertainment company

  • Increased order fulfillment volume 4x+
  • Boosted outbound throughput volume 65%
  • Doubled peak capacity of existing system area within one year
  • Picked 4.04M units in 90 days – including 66k+ picks in a day

Athletic shoe/apparel brand

  • Raised order fulfillment volume 5x+
  • Increased peak throughput 50%
  • Enhanced pick-pack-ship strategy to meet ambitious KPIs
Peak Season Fulfillment

Robots as a service 

The GreyOrange robots-as-a-service (RaaS) subscription-based program lets you scale up your warehouse capabilities during peak fulfillment periods. RaaS allows you to add powerful autonomous mobile robots to your operations on-demand. The robots work with people to reduce their travel time and allow them to pick more items. The result is a flexible and cost-effective solution to scalability and labor challenges. When peak season is over, you simply return the extra robots to the supplier until they are needed again.


GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform

Our GreyMatter AI-powered fulfillment orchestration platform choreographs smart robots and people to optimize workflows and execution in real-time. GreyMatter uses machine and adaptive learning to assess unique scenarios and model the best decisions to deliver maximum efficiency and speed. The result is a dynamic knowledgebase of data-driven information and workflows that accelerates fulfillment processes.

Certified Ranger™ Robot Network 

Our Ranger robots, powered by GreyMatter, make real-time fulfillment orchestration happen with various bot solutions including:

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