Tote to Person Autonomous Robot

Tote to Person Autonomous Robot

Vertical space utilization

This category focuses on maximizing per square foot utilization by leveraging vertical storage space as well as maximizing throughput from the forward picking zone. The foundational principle is to ensure flexibility in robotics in order to create truly omnichannel and agile fulfillment centers. Ranger Tote-to-person is a vertical autonomous mobile robot which helps in vertical space utilization or tote/carton handling applications with real time adaptability to dynamic channel and SKU popularities. It can work with other Ranger GTP agents to accommodate oversized inventory in a hybrid storage system, helpful in a Micro Fulfillment Solution.

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Ranger TTP for micro fulfillment solution

  • Space utility: Vertical buffer and lifts for height utilization
  • High throughput: Up to 35 totes in + 35 totes out per hour per bot
  • Flexible infrastructure: Fast setup and go live with minimal fixed infrastructure
  • Storage efficiency: Multilayer Tote & Carton Picking of different sizes
  • World class safety: UL & CE Certified , obstacle detection, safety contact edges, sound alarm, emergency stop button, anti collision lifting fall protection

Key components


Tote to Person Autonomous Robot

Key specifications

Maximum weight per tote/carton 50 kg with customisations for overweight inventory
Tote/carton dimensions 30x30cm to 60x40cm with customisations for oversized inventory
Picking height range 400mm to 10 meters
Storage configurations Single or double deep
High operator efficiency Zero Walk automated takeaway workstations

Powered by GreyMatter intelligence

Real-time data flow between GreyMatter and Ranger robots feeds always -solving algorithms to calculate and recalibrate each next-best decision, whether you’re prioritizing to deliver peak demand fulfillment or managing every-day fulfillment payoffs and tradeoffs.

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