3PL Fulfillment Solutions

Crushing the 3PL Challenge

The labor shortage struggle is real – and won’t be going away anytime soon. Combine that with surges in business volume. Add a spike in the level of returns or seasonal peaks, and it can be challenging for even the most experienced logistics operation to meet KPIs. 

And with the exponential growth in ecommerce across the world, innovative capabilities for fulfillment, last mile delivery and return logistics have become critical. That’s why retailers are looking to partner with 3PLs and leverage their innovations to tackle demand-driven fulfillment challenges.

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Challenges faced by 3PLs

Labor Shortage

Speed of Delivery

Inventory Visibility

Operational Efficiencies

Exceptional Experience

Ready to meet rising expectations?

Labor shortages, speed of delivery, inventory visibility and operational efficiency are but a few of the challenges  3PLs are currently facing. Today, real flexibility to grow and contract with demand means always being able to utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal outcomes for customers. To prepare for the future, 3PLs can use GreyOrange to do the following:

3PL Advantages


Seize the automation advantage

Leading companies are enabling their warehouses and fulfillment networks, offering an exciting career path for new and experienced employees and demolishing their toughest KPIs by integrating automation into their existing infrastructure.


Improve margins

Implement instant automation – with AI-orchestrated software and smart robotic execution – to resolve warehouse inadequacies and streamline workflows in just weeks. Improve your current system, reducing cost of ownership while managing demand surges using modular, scalable robotic systems.


Reduce Risk and Scale Up

GreyOrange advanced fulfillment solutions de-risk your first step into automation, allowing you to invest in what you need now – and giving you the flexibility to grow at your own pace. Variable costing and the low level of start up investment means you can take care of your promises and improve your margins.


Boost productivity by 5x

Optimize vertical space to magnify capacity by 3x and fulfill high-volume multi-tenant orders faster from the same space. Boost productivity with a leaner workforce that is efficient and engaged. All through the power of GreyMatter – a waveless real-time order fulfillment system that maximizes productivity while meeting express order SLAs.


Empower your workforce

Create a safe, ergonomic work environment to beat the labor crunch. Equip your staff with the information and tools to do more with less.

3PL advantage

Delivering Peace of Mind, Helping 3PLs Secure Long Term Contracts
from their customers

  • Margin to Fulfill: 50% less labor requirement
  • Scale to Fulfill: 2,500+ Robots working at a single site
  • Power to Fulfill: Improve Productivity by 4x-6x
  • Speed to Fulfill: Shipping (close to) 1 Million Units per week

The customers of your customers

Today’s retail consumers have tougher standards than ever. Warehouse fulfillment is up against the reality that 48% of retail customers are likely to abandon their cart if you don’t meet their expectations in terms of cost and other factors. 

The GreyOrange AI-driven, automated fulfillment platform enables you to handle multi-client inventory within one single area. Empowering you to share resources across client orders, while maintaining a bifurcated view of orders and inventory. Providing the foundation for a state-of-the-art distribution network to meet the challenges of the future.

Modern retail is fast and fluctuating.

GreyOrange advanced fulfillment science helps you keep inventory in motion at the pace of demand.

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