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As hybrid work model continues, experts predict e-commerce to make up 28% of the market share in DIY home improvement by 2025 — 7% increase from 2020 in the US alone. 

Examples of the many challenges home improvement entities face from an order fulfillment perspective include the inability to manage growth efficiently, large SKUs, tight shipping schedules and the need to separate inventory storage from material handling processes.

This is the ideal time for retailers to gain a competitive edge by investing in automation and making fulfillment more accessible.

GreyOrange can meet your order fulfillment needs

GreyOrange Right Fit Fulfillment approach addresses DIY retailer needs by intelligently optimizing existing spaces, resources and operating systems to orchestrate reliable real-time decisioning. By enabling flexible any-node-any-mode fulfillment, the retailers get access to view the entire inventory at once and gain full control over their warehouses.

Our solutions include a range of flexible options tailored to your unique operating environment:

  • Order-to-person
  • Assisted picking
  • Goods-to-person
  • Pick and pack
  • Totes-to-person
Home Improvement

Key product features

GreyOrange offers an assortment of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from our advanced Ranger™ series featuring integration with intelligent GreyMatter™ software. This powerful combination gives you the flexibility to respond and adapt to an evolving order fulfillment environment. Experience significant improvements in crucial areas like cost reductions, performance and efficiency, and safety.

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How AMRs improve order fulfillment

Our AMRs bring value to your home improvement fulfillment processes in several ways. You’ll fill orders faster and more productively, enabling you to deliver better service to your customers. You’ll also reduce labor expenses and cut costs in other areas. And you’ll make your workplace safer by minimizing the risk of on-the-job accidents. 

A whopping 40% of consumers have adopted hobbies related to DIY Home Improvement during lockdowns. Retailers are likely to face challenging times with nearly 43% of customers expected to stick to online shopping even after the pandemic ends.

With DIY Home Improvement stores getting low foot traffic, ROA on stores is stressed. They need omnichannel and micro-fulfillment nodes to remain relevant in the new world order.


High order volume with reduced lines per order

High orders with fewer lines per order due to ecommerce spike fuel the need for building capacity


Low foot traffic

Reduced foot traffic in stores with idle operations affects profitability, inventory management and ROA


Lack of efficient omnichannel fulfillment

Varying demands from new channel mix need a customer-centric fulfillment strategy for real-time inventory visibility and faster last-mile deliveries


Long deployment time

Brands are looking to convert idle spaces within their physical stores into fulfillment centers with reduced lead time and capex pressure


Smart storage planning

DIY home improvement requires efficient storage and material handling due to SKU variability as well as high days-on-hand inventory

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