Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions

Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions

Meeting consumer expectations

The modern shopper expects retailers to provide a vast array of high-quality products, competitive prices and excellent service. Specific challenges that can prevent retailers from meeting these expectations from an order fulfillment perspective include tight time constraints when shipping goods, large SKUs, high error rates and labor-intensive handling practices that impact razor-thin profit margins.


GreyOrange offers innovative retail warehouse management solutions

GreyOrange can support your order fulfillment efforts by offering a wide range of AI cloud software and robotic automation solutions. We will help your retail/fashion and apparel business meet maximum demand across all your distribution centers, whether you operate one facility or several. Our products enable you to integrate operational awareness and performance and achieve higher levels of speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Our solutions include:




Goods-to-person refers to an autonomous mobile robot that carries items to workers for picking and packing. Our Ranger™ Goods to Person Robots (GTP) provide a state-of-the-art system you can use for put-away inventory storage, order picking and stock replenishment. Ranger works in tandem with GreyMatter™ AI software to share data while performing in a collaborative automated warehouse environment.


Pick and pack

Pick and pack order fulfillment involves selecting and packing individual e-commerce items and shipping them to the customer. Our robots and software can make this process faster and more efficient than performing the task manually.


Assisted picking

Our assisted picking cobot, Ranger Assist offer a highly configurable assisted picking solution you can integrate with existing manual order selection processes or use to augment a fully automated system. Key product features that benefit retail operations include an integrated barcode scanner with an NFC reader, real-time inventory synchronization and the ability to support multifloor operations.



Ranger TTP is a vertical autonomous robot offering excellent retail space management and utilization capabilities. TTP provides a high throughput capacity of up to 35 totes in and out per hour per bot. Use it with our GTP product to accommodate oversized inventory in a hybrid storage system.

Ecommerce order fulfillment process: How AMRs improve order fulfillment

Our autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) add value to your ecommerce order fulfillment processes in several ways:

  • Enhanced speed: Robots can do the job faster, enabling you to fill orders and get goods into your customers’ hands quickly. You’ll improve service and gain an edge over your competitors.
  • Increased productivity: Your output will increase and goods will flow through your warehouse more efficiently. You’ll get more work done in less time.
  • Improved accuracy: You’ll experience fewer picking errors that result in customers receiving the wrong items.
  • Better retail space planning: You’ll be able to improve retail space allocation in your warehouse by creating narrower aisles that allow you to install more racking.
  • Increased safety: Using robots reduces the dependence on manual labor, helping to lower the number of workplace accidents. AMRs also include built-in safety features that prevent accidents.
  • Scalability: AMRs enable you to ramp up your operations faster to accommodate rapid growth.

Fulfillment trends in the fashion and apparel industry


Multibrand and omnichannel

Multibrand and omnichannel requirements make fashion and apparel fulfillment complex for retailers seeking to meet in-season demands.


High variance in SKUs

Short life cycles, high demand volatility and impulse purchases by customers result in millions of SKUs to be managed.


Complexity in operations

Smaller and high-frequency orders mandate piece-picking operations across various modes of fulfillment that are cost-, time- and labor-intensive.


Returns and refunds

With e-commerce giants promoting trying before buying, a whopping 96% of consumers look for free shipping and 79% prefer free returns.


Variety of storage types

The need for specialized storage of fashion goods, like goods-on-hanger, cases, boxes, polybags and flat-packs, involves tedious and expensive processes.


SLAs and margin pressure

Variable SKUs, high returns and complex inventory management across innumerable fast fashion brands make it difficult to meet SLAs and margins.

Learn more about our ecommerce fulfillment solutions

Discover how our robotic and software solutions for the retail/fashion and apparel industry can add substantial value to your order fulfillment processes and improve customer service levels. Take the next step by locating the GreyOrange office near you and calling us or contacting us online to request additional information.

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