Material Handling Systems

Material Handling Systems

Optimizing Warehouse Efficiency

Peak-season labor crunches. Unpredictable order surges. Missing or inaccessible SKUs. Inventory breakage and loss due to manual handling. Dangerous and inefficient movement of heavy goods and machinery. These are but a few of the challenges faced by traditional manual-operated warehouses.

Introducing GreyOrange automated material movement – the solution to operational chaos and fulfillment complexity. Designed to execute high-volume order fulfillment for omnichannel fulfillment success – all across the warehouse.

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Material Handling Systems

Unleash the power of intralogistics orchestration

Facilitate SKU movement in real time to put merchandise right where it needs to be through warehouse material handing procedures. From point A to point B, dock to stock (inbound), stock to dock (outbound) and cross dock. From storage to forward areas. For merchandise of all shapes, sizes and weights.

Go automated.


Get fully automated

Unleash the power of an intelligent material movement system that drives the right answers and actions.


Unleash automation

Automate non-value added long haul material movement​ while maintaining the right stock levels – with a single view of inventory across the ecosystem.


Harness business intelligence

Implement business intelligence driven material movement. Business rules can easily be configured to guide both manual and automated process flows to ensure smooth operation and timely shipments.


Leverage real capabilities. See results fast

The omnichannel warehouse operates across channels – efficiently and at high volume – enabled by automated material movement that leaves nothing to chance.


Dynamic inventory

Respond to changing SKU popularity to prioritize inventory transfers. The result is seamless location management to pick and drop off payloads at available locations.


Optimized transfer

Enable trans cross-docking and transfer of sorted parcels for dispatch by dynamically allocating movement.


Integrated operations

Integrate with other material handling equipment (MHE) with an upstream-downstream system to adhere to critical SLAs, such as same-day delivery and bulk store order delivery.


Order and SLA prioritization

Manage the order pool and capacity in real-time to accommodate last minute priority changes and cancellations. Move the right inventory to forward areas to optimize the space in pick zones for more popular SKUs; automatically replenish if the stock falls below specified levels.


Real-time insights

Ensure ecommerce express and last-minute store orders are transferred to meet truck dispatch schedules.

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