Dark Store Warehouse Fulfillment

Drive micro-fulfillment advantage 

The promise of dark stores – taking a flexible omnichannel retail approach to fulfillment looks bright. 

With many stores closing during the pandemic, a new retail model arose.  Dark stores are brick-and-mortar stores reconfigured to meet a tidal wave of online business. Customers can’t enter the spaces. Originally zoned for in-store retail, the inventory on dark stores shelves is distributed to eCommerce customers.


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Put the space to its best use

While the average U.S. retail store is just under 50,000 square feet, dark stores range between 100,000 and 200,000 square feet. Ample storage and shipping space lets retailers keep more inventory on hand. Now, because in-store retail and eCommerce have become omnichannel, retailers can seize the opportunity to:

  • Capitalize on the value of stores closed to customer traffic 
  • Convert idle or closed store space into last-mile fulfillment nodes – in less than 12 weeks
  • Execute faster deliveries – like same-day delivery and same-day pickup – from inventory located close to major population centers 
  • Maximize your omnichannel fulfillment solution at a lower last-mile cost


The optimal fulfillment solution has evolved. Are you ready to put the new model to work?

Dark Store Warehouse Fulfillment

Integrated fulfillment management

  • Enhance order picking capability – with end-to-end inventory management via multiple automation agents – using a solution that can be used independently, without a WMS.
  • Make purchased inventory almost immediately available to customers within urban areas.
  • Significantly reduce shipping, delivery, and transportation costs associated with the growing demand for same or next-day delivery. 
  • Cut order to dispatch time significantly by managing complex business rules to overcome limited workforce and storage availability, and enable multi-area picking .
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Manage operations – end-to-end

GreyMatterTM enables end-to-end operations – including inventory management, order picking, putaway, audit, and packing – with real-time analytics and dashboards. The dark store operates without the need for any other third-party software.


Multi-agent orchestration

The same dark store can be used to operate goods-to-person and person-to-goods systems along with manual operations, depending on the business requirements, with just a single instance of GreyMatter.


Order consolidation

GreyMatter can enable order consolidation between different picking areas within a single dark store.


Capitalize on available storage

Use existing small and unused square footage of stores as fulfillment zones to reach customers faster in urban areas.


Increased throughput with less space

GreyMatter can orchestrate picking, putaway, sorting and consolidation operations using the same agents within a limited area, thereby increasing overall area throughput.


Accelerate turnaround​

GreyMatter manages SLAs dynamically and can turn around orders in as little as 30 minutes.


Right fit solution

GreyMatter enables fully manual and fully automated solutions or a combination of the two, to meet your operational requirements.

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Closed stores present major opportunities to pivot – and optimize your fulfillment operations in new and exciting ways.

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