Superstores & Grocery Fulfillment

Superstores & Grocery Fulfillment

Grocery fulfillment solutions

With rising demand for lightning-quick deliveries and personalized shopping experiences, it is imperative to bring fulfillment closer to the consumers. A flexible, interoperable, frictionless solution will help retailers address present and future demand fluctuations without breaking a sweat.

Specific order fulfillment challenges that grocery retailers face include meeting the demands of same-day delivery service, maintaining efficiency, reducing warehouse picking errors and preventing excessive out-of-stock situations.

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GreyOrange can meet your grocery order fulfillment needs

GreyOrange seamlessly integrates advanced software and robotics, unifying artificial intelligence, machine learning and people to keep inventory in motion. Our agile automation paves the way for an omnichannel strategy that intelligently leverages and optimizes existing spaces, resources and systems. Gain the flexibility to match modern demand variations without sacrificing current operating systems.

Our solutions for grocery fulfillment operations include:

  • Order-to-person
  • Assisted picking
  • Goods-to-person
  • Pick and pack
  • Totes-to-person
Superstores & Grocery Fulfillment

Key product features

Our product lineup includes Ranger™ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) powered by intuitive, intelligent GreyMatter™ AI software. This seamless integration enables our robots to flexibly respond and adapt to changes in the order fulfillment environment. They also significantly outperform add-on robots in crucial areas like performance and efficiency, safety and compliance, and cost reduction.

Superstores & Grocery Fulfillment

How AMRs improve order fulfillment

GreyOrange robots and software can benefit your warehousing operation in several ways. You’ll fill orders faster and more efficiently, resulting in better customer service. You’ll also experience fewer errors and create a safer and more productive work environment.

Add value to your order fulfillment operation

Grocery retailers have suffered multiple supply chain disruptions while ensuring delivery of essential goods to consumers during the pandemic. With the explosive growth in online shopping, businesses are restructuring store fulfillment operations to keep pace with increasing instant delivery expectations. Retailers are sandwiched between low-value items and high handling costs for fragile, perishable and temperature-sensitive products, making it hard to keep fulfillment profitable.

Furthermore, reevaluation of in-store, click and collect, and e-commerce fulfillment must align with social distancing and safety norms. An intelligent, ergonomic and sustainable automation strategy will change the game in grocery supply chain.

Walmart and other superstores/big box stores can also benefit from the more organized and efficient order fulfillment process provided by automation. Automated solutions can help these high-volume operations keep up with the heavy customer demand by substantially increasing the capacity to fill orders faster. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence can also overcome the challenges resulting from significant labor shortages. Moreover, robotics help superstores meet the increasing need for same-day and next-day delivery, giving them a competitive advantage.

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Robot advantages for grocery warehouses


Same-day delivery

Most online shoppers opt for free shipping and same-day delivery. The right automation technology improves fulfillment speed to meet margin pressures.


Temperature-sensitive items

Temperature-controlled storage and short shelf life of perishable items require agile fulfillment technologies.


SKU proliferation

Storage complexity due to SKU proliferation adds to struggles. Retailers require efficient storage management with better inventory visibility and control.


Lack of efficient omnichannel fulfillment

Varying demands from new channels need a customer-centric fulfillment strategy for real-time inventory visibility and faster last-mile deliveries.

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