Apparel & Retail Fulfillment Solutions

Is your fulfillment resilient to meet
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Adopt a responsive, agile omnichannel strategy for scalable and sustainable operations

Apparel & Retail Fulfillment Solutions

Right fit, right now
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Fashion and apparel companies juggle multiple brands and seek to bring fulfillment closer to consumers. In order to balance profit margins and customer requirements, retailers must adopt a customer-centric strategy that is omnichannel, omninode, and omnibrand. This would enable fluidity in fulfillment workflows and operational sustainability without large Capex investments. With Right Fit Fulfillment approach, GreyOrange intelligently leverages and optimizes retailers’ existing spaces, resources, and automation systems to propel their businesses with reliable real-time decisioning. We create a resilient automation structure to view the entire inventory at once with easy accessibility and modular systems using AI, robots, and the power of people. Right Fit Fulfillment enables businesses to build capacity quickly at different scales and speeds.

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Your fulfillment strategy needs to catch up with fast-changing fashion and apparel trends as ecommerce sales boom from 16% to 29% worldwide.


Multibrand and omnichannel

Multibrand and omnichannel requirements make fashion and apparel fulfillment complex for retailers to meet in-season demands


Highest variance in SKUs

Short life cycles, high demand volatility, and impulse purchases by customers result in millions of SKUs to be managed


Complexity in Operations

Smaller and high-frequency orders mandate piece-picking operations across various modes of fulfillment that are cost-, time-, and labor-intensive


Returns and Refunds

With ecommerce giants promoting ‘Try-n-buy’ behavior, a whopping 96% of consumers look for free shipping and 79% prefer free returns


Variety of Storage Types

The need for specialized storage of fashion goods, like Goods-on-hanger, cases, boxes, polybags, flat-packs involves tedious and expensive process


SLAs and Margin Pressure

Variable SKUs, high returns, and complex inventory management across innumerable fast fashion brands make it difficult to meet SLAs and margins

What are fashion and apparel retailers looking to solve immediately?

Ability to scale up operations even with limited labor availability

Fulfillment and storage strategy to manage high number of SKUs

High-speed fulfillment to manage now-delivery demands

Faster and more efficient handling of returned inventories

Frequent channel-demand variance

Complex omnichannel and multibrand fulfillment expectations

Solutions and Benefits

  • A resilient, scalable, and dynamic fulfillment operating system from GreyOrange can manage the unpredictable and highly volatile peak-season demands
  • GreyMatter orchestrates waveless, real-time order fulfillment of high number of SKUs with dynamic storage strategy and automated system-directed picking
  • Handling of different modes of fulfillment simultaneously for now-delivery demands
  • Return management module to ensure faster sortation and induction of returned items, making them available for sales quickly
  • AI-enabled software to manage channel-demand variance
  • 300% improvement in UPH to handle peak season volumes
  • SKU handling across channels from same DC
  • End-to-end visibility and control to manage channel-demand variance
  • Reduction in order-to-dispatch time from 48 hours to same-day
  • 24×7 operation with people, AI, and robots
Apparel & Retail Fulfillment Solutions

Omnichannel Fulfillment for Fashion and Apparel 

Apparel & Retail Fulfillment Solutions

Ecommerce Fulfillment for Fashion and Apparel 

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