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As your warehouse operations need to deliver faster, with more accuracy, and be nimble to handle peaks and valleys, you need an automation solution that can adjust in real-time, ensuring you can meet the demands of your consumer.

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Apple Express



“The evolution of human and robotic collaboration will continue to guide the modern distribution center post-pandemic. Automating our distribution center using GreyOrange solutions provides us with both greater flexibility and scalability for future growth, while already enabling faster distribution and throughput today.”

Nasser Syed – President, Apple Express

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions


According to Akshaysingh Chandel, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “GreyOrange’s robust product portfolio and initiative to combine AI/ML and robotics assist organizations in optimizing operations and meeting fulfillment needs. GreyOrange offers a dynamic master framework that can integrate with Ranger Robots and GreyMatter software to deliver agility, accuracy, and optimal workflows for efficient fulfillment outcomes.” Adds Akshay, “The GreyMatterTM intelligent Fulfillment Operating System (FOS) from GreyOrange uses real-time and predictive data to collaboratively orchestrate how and when orders are filled by people, the company’s AMRs (labeled Ranger robots), and other companies’ robots and automation agents that have been certified to the Ranger-standard.”

“GreyMatter communicates with the robots which enables the organization to support real-time decisions and implement fluidity across operational areas. Furthermore, the GreyMatter FOS has a command center that provides a visual representation of real-time performance as well as data-driven options for informing dynamic decisions and ensuring a continuous flow of inventory.”

Akshaysingh Chandel – Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions


Home“Sistemo is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology which delivers the operational excellence our customers need to scale their business,” said Ignacio Orellana, founder and director of Sistemo. “By advancing our partnership with GreyOrange, we can work as a trusted advisor to more customers through every stage of the process, from business development and solution design, to installation, support and achieving their company KPIs.” 

Ignacio Orellana – Founder and Director of Sistemo


Home“This partnership is an example of how next-level innovation companies connect to provide the best fulfillment services using AI and robotics along with WMS and OMS offerings,” said Jim Brochu, General Manager of Supply Chain, Pivotree. “We look forward to working with GreyOrange to ensure our joint customers are set up for continued growth.”

Jim Brochu – General Manager of Supply Chain, Pivotree

Active Ants

Home“The GreyOrange Robots team with our employees to fulfill customer orders with greater efficiency while also creating a high quality, pleasant work environment. The setup is unique in the world,” said Jeroen Dekker, managing partner at Active Ants.

“No matter what I need to do with zone transfer, I can alter the process flow in GreyMatter even though I’m not a programmer,” said Dekker. “This level of flexibility allows us to meet our current needs while also having the ability to quickly make changes. We can easily modify the robot movements if needed as well as scale up the solution in line with our throughput growth to smartly manage capital investment.”

Jeroen Dekker – Managing Partner at Active Ants

Apotek Hjärtat

Home“Through the collaboration, we continue to automate our logistics flows and thereby lay the foundation for the next generation of e-commerce offerings. We have chosen GreyOrange because it is an innovative and exciting company that is at the forefront of technology and that is exactly where we want to be to give our customers a world-class customer experience…” says Eric Lundberg, CEO of Apotek Hjärtat.

Eric Lundberg – CEO of Apotek Hjärtat

Dafiti Group

Home“We chose GreyOrange to support our fulfillment operations because we want to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience with reliable, fast delivery times and complete visibility,” said Jose Miguel Cortés, COO for Spanish Speaking Countries of Dafiti Group. “As we plan for future growth, we knew that within the next five years we’d need a solution that could give us increased flexibility and scalability.” 

Jose Miguel Cortés – COO for Spanish Speaking Countries of Dafiti Group

SEKO Logistics

Home“In our industry, building a scalable logistics solution to meet the ever-changing demand cycles, whilst controlling an increasing cost base, is critical in our customer offering,” said Paul Lockwood, Group Managing Director UK & I for SEKO. “This new partnership with GreyOrange allows our fulfilment centres, starting in the UK, to manage those fluctuations seamlessly and empower our clients to turn their supply chains into a competitive differentiator. GreyOrange’s AI-driven software and automation serves as a powerful tool to ensure we’re always delivering high-velocity ecommerce solutions for our clients no matter the season.”

Paul Lockwood – Group Managing Director UK & I for SEKO




“Incorporating GreyOrange’s modern approaches, such as intelligent software and robotics, enabled optimizations that transformed our Robbinsville distribution center into a completely customer-centered operational facility,” said Pascal Fassler, Head of Logistics, Americas, H&M. “As H&M continues to deploy modern fulfillment and in-store experiences, our efforts focus on customer relationships.”

Pascal Fassler – Head of Logistics, Americas, H&M
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GreyOrange was founded on a fundamental reality

You cannot meet modern fulfillment demands with technology built for a previous era. So we combined AI-driven cloud software and smart robotic automation to overcome inadequacies in existing warehouse technology and capitalize on modern market developments.

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