Apparel Giant Cuts Fulfillment Times by 50% and Boosts UPH by 500%

500% more UPH

The warehouse operations of a leading apparel retail giant faced several significant challenges. To begin with, they had separate warehouses for retail and online fulfillment, which led to unnecessary logistical complexities.


At the same time, they needed to:

  • Establish a warehouse-opening framework comparable to the process of launching physical stores
  • Automate and improve workflows from inbound processes to outbound shipments
  • Reduce their reliance on Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Accommodate various inventory sub-classifications with their associated business logic in the picking process
  • Optimize downstream operations to improve overall transportation efficiency


To address these challenges, the fashion powerhouse deployed over 160 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), including Goods-to-Person (GTP) robots and mobile sorters, for automated, flexible forward-area picking, conveying and sorting.


GO Impact

  • Achieved a rapid payback period in just 2.7 years
  • Experienced a remarkable 50% reduction in order fulfillment times, leading to substantial labor cost savings
  • Automation has skyrocketed the UPH rate from 50 to an impressive 300
  • 60% reduction of variable cost per unit
  • Over 80% tote utilization, significantly cutting transportation costs


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