DISH Network Dishes on Warehouse Automation Success

Facing ongoing challenges in acquiring and retaining labor, DISH Network (DISH) decided to automate the delivery of raw materials to refurbishment production cells.

Once intralogistics robots took over the material handling, DISH workers no longer had to push around 280-pound carts and could be reassigned to more value-added activities. The GreyOrange automation also provides:

  • Scalability to allow for increased capacity if/when required in future
  • Flexibility to change the routes of the intralogistics bots easily and quickly on demand to account for layout changes or other factors
  • Autonomous orchestration capabilities through GreyMatter, determining which available robot is the best for the task, which path it should take and when to change course — all without human intervention

DISH is not only saving money and improving process efficiency, but also increasing worker satisfaction, now that employees can work faster, learn new skills and spend less time doing repetitive work.

Watch the video to get the details from DISH’s CEO and Operations leaders.

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