Dorman Saves $4.2M and Reduces Labor Needs by 30% with IL Bots

Dorman GreyOrange IL AMRs

“GreyOrange has greatly improved operations at Dorman. Their data-driven strategies, 24×7 support with committed uptime, and focus on safety have significantly enhanced our efficiency levels. With faster inventory availability, we have been able to improve the fill rates and cycle times for our customers, consistently exceeding expectations at our facility.”

– Brandon Grissom, Enterprise Director of Operational Excellence

Due to an increase in sales, automotive parts manufacturer Dorman was finding it increasingly difficult to process and ship orders quickly and efficiently. Manual forklift labor struggled to meet the demand, especially during peak seasons, incurring significant costs of $5 million annually.

Dorman replaced its forklifts with Ranger Intralogistics (RIL) bots powered by GreyMatter intelligent orchestration to enable and continuously optimize dock-to-stock, replenishment/shipping, and empty and recycling flow processes.

GO Impact

  • Zero WMS/ERP integration requirements
  • RIL bots covering 1M sq ft (0.5 miles per trip)
  • Projected $4.2M savings over 3 years due to a reduction in manpower
  • Projected 30% reduction in forklift labor requirements
  • Projected 50% reduction in worker travel time

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