Leading Global Retail Chain Accelerates Customer Deliveries

superstore and GreyOrange

In recent years, a leading global superstore retailer has prioritized enhancing ecommerce fulfillment capabilities to meet rising demand. To achieve this, the company built a state-of-the-art fulfillment center, the first of its kind in Western Canada, spanning over 400,000 square feet and equipped for high-volume operations to enable same- to next-day delivery. Recognizing the need for modular and scalable automation to manage an expanding product range, the retailer strategically opted for proven robotics technology to seamlessly integrate with their warehouse layout, ensuring flexibility, adaptability and a rapid deployment timeline.


Projected GO Impact

  • Increase in average units processed/ day (inbound and outbound, 2022-2026): 300%
  • 2-day delivery to 97% of customers nationally
  • 2-3x productivity increase
  • 60% reduction in variable cost per unit
  • Optimized storage of 150K SKUs for faster fulfillment

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