Warehouse Execution System

GreyMatter leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimize large and complex operations in order to adapt to changing business demands, enabling future-ready warehouses. It compliments Warehouse Management Systems by delivering:

  • Flexibility & Configurability
    • Industry-centric process flow and material handling capabilities

    • Advanced process coordination and optimization for improved response and agility

    • Real-time capacity view enabling planning of external fulfillment engine

  • Accuracy & Speed
    • Dynamic picking with SLA promise

    • Real-time order priority management for accurate, on time and within budget order fulfillment

    • Intelligent picking strategies for higher throughput

  • Ease of Use & Deployment
    • Single platform solution to eliminate costly IT integration and maintenance

    • Distributed Computing Architecture

    • Support for peripheral discovery, remote firmware upgrade, and health monitoring

  • Cost Reduction
    • Real-time intelligent order scheduling for lower cost per shipment

    • Proactive worker allocation for higher productivity

    • Real-time Inventory re-slotting for optimum space utilization

Warehouse Apps (Powered by GreyMatter)

Warehousing apps, powered by GreyMatter, provides the full range of functionality needed to address all warehouse automation and processing challenges from receiving inventory until the dispatch of material to customers.