How can my fulfillment operation continuously meet next day/same-day delivery promises and meet margins too?

Fulfilling orders in the age of immediacy isn’t for the weak-hearted. With ecommerce markets-of-one in the millions, and next day/same day rapidly rising as the rule, fulfillment is operating in a no-excuses delivery world.

Discover the solutions that let you solvehow to deliver on same day promises and profitable performance at the same time.

How do I improve my stock to dock (picking productivity) time ?

Optimize Order Picking

Traditional wave-based systems generate a fixed pick list based on a wave which limits the order batching opportunities. Thus, making it impossible to re-organize orders for optimizing picking tasks. Last minute priority changes/cancellations are hard to accommodate. GreyMatter Waveless Picking allows for more optimal outcomes than the WMS can achieve. The wave-less real time cost optimization engine refreshes orders every second and picks the lowest cost/highest priority orders.

GreyMatter Solutions

Waveless Fulfillment

GreyMatter Picking Engine

Dynamic Order Optimization & Prioritization

Modifies fulfillment priority in real time to handle orders with strict delivery promise

Pending Inventory Management

Increase agility with continuous picking and higher throughput

Optimize putaway such that picking becomes faster

The GreyMatter put away algorithm studies the order patterns and works to build and replenish the right inventory levels at the forward picking zone. The put away is system directed which organizes inventory based on popularity, affinity and other business attributes. The Inventory tagging during put away further helps in making the picking process smarter and faster.  Additionally, the pre-put application increases productivity for putaway and reduces touchpoints for transporting the inventory from the receiving dock to the PPS. All these result in faster picking and higher productivity.

GreyMatter Solutions

GreyMatter Put away Algorithm

System Directed Put away

Pre-put Application

Boost putaway productivity and reduce manpower

Understand which operators would give me the best throughput

Because different workers perform at different paces, order completion rates will vary across pick stations.
GreyMatter sees varying fulfillment rates in real time and directs Ranger GTPs to transport racks of inventory to open stations to eliminate wait times for both robots and human workers. Further, with command center optimization outlook you get an advanced analytics view to continuously improve the performance and utilization of resources. The performance can be analyzed at a granular level – system as well as operator level productivity and utilization analytics can be monitored, and this can be compared with set benchmarks.

GreyMatter Solutions

Optimization Outlook

Gain Operator Performance Analytic Insights

Dynamic Queue Management

Dynamic Pace-to-Robot-and-Rack Assignments based on operator performance and complexity of task

Dynamic management of picking while approaching breaches

For warehouse managers, order breaches are one of his top concerns. Although the system automatically calibrates itself to change in demand but there could be still some exceptional breaches. Our system can orchestrate exceptions, and it gives real-time control to a warehouse manager to override the standard picking rules and change the priority of specific orders. It helps to fulfill the most critical orders immediately. The GreyMatter can make picking adjustment before or after breach situations. It alerts a warehouse manager and take proactive action in case of risk of breach. It can bump up priority of critical orders and suggest combining manual and automated picking in some cases, to help avoid breaches. In case breaches happen, the system helps course correct i.e. prevent other orders from breaching.

GreyMatter Solutions

Manager Dashboard

Pick adjustment before and After Breach situations

Modify fulfillment priority in real time to handle orders with strict delivery promise

GreyMatter™ provides an extremely flexible way to manage customer’s changing business needs like ‘higher throughput’, ‘strict SLA’ etc. via configurable business rules. Customers can configure these picking rules as per the business needs. System intelligently optimizes the operations in real time basis the rules defined, such that the output/throughput can be maximized.

GreyMatter Solutions

Dynamic Order Optimization & Prioritization

Modifies fulfillment priority in real time to handle orders with strict delivery promise

Express order handling

Get priority picking at a dedicated PPS for on-time fulfillment of express orders

Picking Strategies

Intelligently optimize PBT/PAT Picking rules in real time

Productivity Boosters

GreyMatter is a real-time order optimization and prioritization engine that refreshes orders every second and commits to the lowest cost and highest priority orders. GreyMatter offers several features that enhances operator productivity and increases overall throughput. These features maximizes resource utilization and system performance and ensures you pick maximum orders while still adhering to SLAs.

GreyMatter Solutions

Batching Similar Orders

Batch similar orders at the same picking station to maximize resource utilization and system performance

Sync Move & Early Rack Release

Boost operator productivity with sync move and early-rack release

Parallel Picking

Boost productivity with parallel picking of fast-moving SKUs across orders

Multiple MSU Picking

Boost operator productivity with multi MSU picking

Post Pack Application

Leverage synergy of pick and pack application working in conjunction


Boost productivity with special handling procedure for single item / SINGLE line orders

Packing Application

Leverage synergy of pick and pack application working in conjunction


2: How do I manage the high rate of return during a peak season?

How do I ensure I have resource capacity (for fulfilling committed SLAs)?

Capacity Planning

To manage on-field operations, it is important to continuously plan, observe, respond and preempt capacity and resources. The expectation is that the system picks orders like clockwork. However, multiple stimuli impact this engine & effect order fulfillment SLAs. GreyMatter offers capacity management that helps manage the order pool & capacity in real-time. Using this capability, the operations teams can plan the system capacity, observe if the capacity is sufficient to meet order SLAs and respond to stimuli, taking pre-emptive actions to manage the key KPIs.

GreyMatter Solutions

Capacity Management

Fulfill orders timely by managing the order pool & capacity in real-time

Deploy other processes (manual) to support extra volume

GreyMatter contemplates everything affecting the edge of the fulfillment operation. When the fulfillment volume goes up, GreyMatter drives synergy for manual & automated picking by orchestrating manual operations in the reserve area. This helps translate all our optimizations to the entire picking operations. The single system driving all warehouse operations, results in significantly easier planning and more optimized flows that yields higher throughputs.

GreyMatter Solutions

Hybrid Warehousing

Drive synergy for Manual & Automated picking

Reserve Picking Management

Orchestration of manual operations in the reserve area


3: How do I prevent stock outs or delays in replenishment to my picking area?

How do I prevent stock outs or delays in replenishment to my picking area?

Continuous Replenishment and Reserve Management

GreyMatter controls and orchestrates the material flow within the warehouse – between deep storage, forward pick, packing and outbound sortation. With real time visibility of the order pattern and the SKUs position, it can continuously replenish SKUs in the forward zone to allow continuous picking. GreyMatter also orchestrates the manual put, pick and audit operations in the reserve area. The single system driving all warehouse operations results in significantly easier inventory planning and more optimized flows.

GreyMatter Solutions

Advanced Replenishment Module

Drive efficiency with real time, stock-level trigger-based replenishment

Reserve Picking Management

Orchestration of manual operations in the reserve area

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