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Challenges Solved

  • Global supply chain, complex raw materials
  • Highly diverse SKU types

Number of Customers: 6

Customer Priorities

Store-ready, consolidated click & collect fulfillment

Route optimized direct-to-consumer order fulfillment for e-commerce

Store planogram-based store replenishment

Customer Impact

Significant Time and Capital Savings


Fulfillment costs


In-store replenishment costs


Faster in-store dock-to-shelf time

  • First deployment in 2017 and 5 locations currently in operations
  • 400+ Ranger robots across locations
  • Implementation 4x faster than standard implementation time

  • Latest project rolled out within 3 months
  • 100k throughput per day; 30m+ units fulfilled per year across locations
  • Deployed multiple use cases and applications across countries


Challenges Solved

  • Omnichannel
  • Multiple brands and optimized store replenishment
  • Accelerating requirements for speed of delivery

Number of Customers: 12

Customer Priorities

Faster, more flexible, more efficient omnichannel fulfillment

Create customer-centric supply chain with consolidated, real-time inventory view (online and retail)

Waveless orchestration with complex rules and at scale

Customer Impact

Significant Speed-to-Market Improvement and Savings


Fulfillment labor expenses


E-commerce orders to dispatch within 2 hours


ARR for latest fulfillment center

  • 2 sites deployed handling 1m units per week
  • 10 more sites to come over the next few years
  • Created one of the world’s largest robotic fulfillment centers

  • Empower customer-centric fulfillment and store-friendly replenishment
  • Real-time omni-channel fulfillment for multiple brands at scale
  • Enabled next-day delivery


Challenges Solved

  • Global supply chain
  • Highly diverse SKU types
  • Accelerating requirements for speed of delivery

Number of Customers: 7

Customer Priorities

Integration of multiple inventory touchpoints

Integration of existing legacy automation technology

Frictionless automation with complex and evolving process flows

Customer Impact

Significant Cost and Time Savings


Fulfillment cost


Lead time

  • Delivered software-first approach
  • Seamless integration of existing automation technology
  • Combining the power of point-to-point movement with sortation

  • Easily scalable for next phase of automation
  • Created blueprint for new warehouses
  • Expected expansion (+150 robots) and two more sites already contracted


Challenges Solved

  • Global supply chain
  • Highly diverse SKU types
  • Consolidated material flow for small & large parcels in one system

Number of Customers: 4


Challenges Solved

  • Global supply chain
  • Accelerating requirements for speed of delivery

Number of Customers: 4

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